Local schools rated as Excelling, Progressing and Transitioning

By Colchester Public Schools
Colchester - posted Mon., Dec. 9, 2013

The state recently released the Connecticut School Performance Reports. This report provides a School Performance Index (SPI), an average of the CMT or CAPT test performance for all subjects tested in the school, and a District Performance Index (DPI), the corresponding average for all students in the district. These scores range from 0 to 100, with the target being  88, indicating students have performed at or above the goal level on a majority of tests.

The state then rates schools: Excelling, Progressing, Transitioning, Review, Focus, and Turnaround schools. Colchester met its targets for the year, with one school rated Excelling, two Progressing, and one Transitioning.

Excelling:  a school with a performance index of at least 88, with more than 25 percent of students scoring advanced in a majority of subjects tested. A majority of subgroup gaps must be less than 10 points and the participation rate 95 percent. For high schools, the graduation rate must be 94 and the holding power rate (cohort analysis of graduates, completers, and those still enrolled) must be 96.

William Johnston Middle School is rated Excelling, and as a result is ranked in the top 15 percent of schools in Connecticut giving the CMT. Ninety percent of students at William Johnston met the target in every subject.  In math, 37 percent scored advanced; in reading, 37.6 percent; in writing, 31.9 percent; and in science, 22 percent. Two of four subgroups met the target within 10 percent of the full school score. The participation was 99.7 percent.

Progressing:  a school with a performance index of 64-87 percent and participation rate of 95 percent which also meets the target set for 2012-13; a majority of subgroups have gaps of less than 10 percent.  High schools must have a graduation rate of 90 and a holding power rate of 93.

Bacon Academy is rated Progressing, and as a result is ranked in the top half of high schools giving the CAPT.  82.4 percent of students at Bacon Academy met the target in every subject, and Bacon Academy’s graduation rate is 94.7, its holding power rate is 96 percent and its participation rate was 100 percent.  The free and reduced needs students, students with disabilities, and high needs students all met the 2013 targets; the gap between all students and those with high needs or disabilities, however, was greater than 10 percent.

Transitioning: a school with a performance index of 64 to 87 percent and CMT participation rate of 95 percent.

Jack Jackter Intermediate School is rated Transitioning. 85.4 percent of students at Jack Jackter met the target in every subject.  Two of four subgroups met the target within 10 percent of the full school score. However, the school did not meet the 2013 target for the whole school and for two subgroups. The participation rate was 99.9 percent.

The district met its targets for 2013 and met its goals for reducing the achievement gap.  The district CMT DPI is 87.4 and the district CAPT DPI is 82. Colchester Elementary School, being a non-tested school, will receive a school classification of Progressing based on the district summary.


William J. Johnston Middle School was one of 123 schools that give the CMT and are rated Excelling. Principal Chris Bennett stated, “We could not be more proud of our students and staff. Everyone worked tremendously hard last year and we are happy to see that this hard work paid off with such strong results.”


Jack Jackter Intermediate School missed the SPI target in math and writing this year. Director of Teaching and Learning Barbara Gilbert stated, “Colchester was an early implementer of the common core in those content areas, which are not aligned well with the CMT. Our district took very seriously the 3-year implementation plan recommended by the state, and began in 2011-12 to prepare students for the test to be given in 2015. We are making huge progress and are excited about the critical thinking and new learning we see as a result.”

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