She calls herself ‘Crazy,’ but this ‘Coupon Chick’ saves you money

By Jennifer Coe - ReminderNews
Suffield - posted Wed., Dec. 11, 2013
‘The Crazy Coupon Chick,’ Missie Morris, came to Kent Memorial Library to share some of her savings secrets. Photo by Jennifer Coe.
‘The Crazy Coupon Chick,’ Missie Morris, came to Kent Memorial Library to share some of her savings secrets. Photo by Jennifer Coe.

It was no coincidence that Kent Memorial Library engaged the services of Missie Morris, the “Crazy Coupon Chick,” in the month of December. This is probably the month in which families feel the most serious pinch on family funds. But many of the people who attended her presentation in December were looking to spend less money year-round as well, and Morris delivered lots of tips and secrets.

Morris is a 28-year-old single mom and an avid couponer who runs her own website on the topic. She is a “full-time” coupon speaker who loves getting things for free. She says, “If it isn’t free, it’s not for me!”

She tours all over Connecticut talking to groups very similar to the one that came together in Suffield on Dec. 7.

“Most people spend between 200 and 500 dollars a week on groceries,” she said to the group. “You should be spending 100 and under if you use these skills.” At this statement, eyes grew wide and many leaned forward in their seats.

One of the things that makes Morris’ approach a little different to others is that she does not use the all-too-familiar “coupon binder” you might have seen on television shows. Rather, she keeps an entire inset from the Sunday paper and shops sales. When a sale comes up, she runs through her coupons and pulls out the one she needs. Simple.

“Easy and easiness is our goal,” she said.

The comment that got the most nods in the room was when Morris said to her pupils, “No matter how many coupons you get, you have to change the way you shop.”

A spirited discussion about which grocery store is the best followed. Morris has a clear favorite. Others tried to defend their own, but Morris said that her favorite store, Shoprite, has the best coupon programs.

The biggest savings secret Morris shared was that in order to get more for your money, you have to match coupons to items which are on sale. She says that even if you buy something with a coupon, if you are buying it at full price, you aren’t saving enough.

Some other pieces of advice include one Sunday paper per person in your household and use the coupons that come out of the register at your favorite grocery store.

Check out more of Morris’ insight at She is also on the coupon team at

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