Santa makes his annual visit thanks to Griswold and Jewett City fire departments

By Janice Steinhagen - Staff Writer
Griswold - posted Fri., Dec. 27, 2013
Santa hugs one of his fans as Jacob, 5, clutches the candy cane he's just received. Photos by Janice Steinhagen.
Santa hugs one of his fans as Jacob, 5, clutches the candy cane he's just received. Photos by Janice Steinhagen.

It’s a good thing that temperatures in town were in the 60s on Dec. 22 – it gave antsy children a chance to burn off their excitement outdoors as they waited impatiently for Santa’s annual visit to their neighborhoods.

Four busy cousins in Arrowhead whiled away the long wait for the man in red by splashing in a puddle, dueling with toy swords and getting piggyback rides from visiting grown-ups. Logan, 8, Kyle, 6, J.T., 5, and Sammy, 3, were gathered in the front yard of their grandparents’ house listening for the sound of approaching sirens. J.T. added his own soundtrack by singing a respectable rendition of “Silver Bells,” a song he said he didn’t learn from anybody. “I just teached myself,” he said. “I’m 5 – that’s a lot.”

“He does like Christmas songs,” said J.T.’s mom, Adelle Adams, of Plainfield. “We were doing ‘Santa Baby,’ but the only line he knows is ‘hurry down the chimney tonight.’ We listen to a lot of Christmas songs on the radio, too.”

It seemed like a long wait for the youngsters, and to some extent for the adults, too. “Usually Santa comes by around 10 in the morning,” said Jen Feldman, whose son, Jefferson, 2, was waiting at the end of his grandparents’ driveway next door. “What does Santa say?” she asked Jefferson, who responded, “Ho, ho, ho!”

Finally the siren became unmistakably close and the sight of red lights flashing through the bare tree branches heralded the approach of the man of the hour. Santa waved to the youngsters from his perch atop a Griswold Fire Department fire rescue truck, as his helper tossed handfuls of candy to the eager kids at the curb. A mad scramble soon ensued to scoop up the goodies, and the four cousins soon filled their plastic baggies with treats.

Across the highway in Jewett City, the A.A. Young Hose & Ladder Company escorted Santa through town, where he walked behind a ladder truck, stopping periodically to hand out candy canes and greet his adoring public. The annual event is a tradition for both fire companies on the last Sunday prior to Christmas.

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