Enfield High alum publishes novel about her family’s history

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Wed., Feb. 19, 2014
Author Mary B. Gennusa Patterson proudly holds her recently-released novel, ‘Franco and Anna Gennusa - Their Journey.’ Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

An Enfield High School graduate, from the Class of 1963, is the newly-published author of “Franco and Anna Gennusa – Their Journey.”
Mary B. Gennusa Patterson’s family moved to Enfield to live with family members when she was 3 and a half years old. “My book is loosely based on my family history,” said Patterson. “I was very young when we came to the United States, but I was able to put pieces together with the help of my five sisters. My sister Terry was telling me stories of when we were young and still in Sicily. That is when I became inspired to write this book.”

Patterson is extremely proud of her parents. They already had six daughters to care for, and yet they could not just sit idly by while their fellow human beings were being mistreated and killed.

The Gennusa family was originally from the small town of Bisacquino, Sicily. During the tension of WWII, it was necessary to hide from the German soldiers if you were Jewish, or even thought to be Jewish. “There was a Jewish family that had their home destroyed by the German soldiers,” said Patterson. “They were lucky enough to escape with their lives, but they had no place to live. My parents took the entire family in and hid them from the Germans.”

Patterson said, “My book is historically accurate and documented. That is very important for the readers to know. This seems to bring a certain appeal to the men that read my book. The women enjoy it for many reasons, the sex scenes being one of them. My sister Terry doesn’t really approve of that part of my book. What can I say? Sex sells.” In her book, she talks about growing up in Enfield, and friends and family.

“I came back to Enfield for my 50th class reunion last fall. I was asked to speak to six different classes about what is involved with writing and publishing a book, as well as any recommendations for the future writers. I had such a great time doing that. The teacher said that I was inspiring to the classes. I hope that is true,” said Patterson.

Patterson is currently looking into making her book into a movie. “This is just the first of a three-book series,” said Patterson. “I am currently working towards making this into a movie. I know that the public would be inspired by this story. It has everything that a movie would need.”

Patterson also wrote a book of poems, titled “Poems On Life’s Simplicity,” which has not been published as of yet. She is also currently working on her second book, “Why Come Back.” The synopsis of that book is that a woman comes back to Enfield and finds her high school sweetheart that she believed had died in the Vietnam War. They rekindle their romance after 30 years. She will be mentioning places such as Saint Patrick’s Church on Pearl Street, the local monuments, Enfield High and Shaker Pines Lake. This book is in response to a demand that the author has received from her followers. Patterson said she is truly looking forward to completing this book.

Patterson’s novel, “Franco and Anna Gennusa – Their Journey,” may be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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