Fathers and daughters enjoy Valentine's Day dance

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Stafford - posted Thu., Feb. 27, 2014
Jason Millette enjoys dancing with his daughter, Alyssa Patel. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Jason Millette enjoys dancing with his daughter, Alyssa Patel. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The Stafford Lions Club held its 18th annual Father-Daughter Valentine’s Dance at Stafford High School on Feb. 22.

The energy was extremely high as the young girls twirled and swayed to the music with the special man in their lives. “This is Allie’s last father-daughter dance,” said Allie Curtin’s dad Bill. “The dance is for girls that are in kindergarten through fifth grade and Allie is in fifth grade. This is a really special night. We went out and bought her a special dress just for this dance.”

“I always have a great time with my dad,” said Allie. “This has been really fun.”

The girls were given a flower, and there were door prizes and refreshments, as well as the opportunity to get a photo of the father and daughter together.

When fast songs played, the little girls joined hands and made a chain while dancing and running around the dance floor. When the music slowed down, the dads came back out on to the floor with their daughters and danced.

“I love being here with my dad,” said fifth-grader Madison Besaw. Madison and her dad Brian were dancing and enjoying the night together.

“I think this is a great thing for the girls as well as the dads,” said Brian.

Frankie Triska held his daughter Yvonne in his arms as they danced. Though her feet weren’t touching the floor, the kindergartener was beaming from ear to ear.

“When the dance got postponed due to the weather, Yvonne got really upset,” said Frankie. “I explained that the dance was still going to happen and we would definitely be there. She seemed to feel better with that. She was really looking forward to tonight. I know I really love this too. It’s a great time for both of us.”

Jason Millette and Alyssa Patel were dancing in the middle of the floor. “Alyssa is in the fifth grade,” said Millette. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I think it means just as much to me as it does to her.”

For the past two years, Stafford High School’s Future Business Leaders of America have been assisting the Lions Club with this event. This group helps different organizations with events and learns how businesses work. “This is a great group of kids,” said teacher Sheree Pasini. “We help by serving refreshments, bringing the father and daughter picture to them and help in any other way they need.”

Rick Dewey was the event chair. “All of the proceeds from tonight will go towards the scholarship fund,” said Dewey. “We usually profit around $2,000 from this event. The Lion that started this dance is Jim Furness. He is the one that is responsible for this dance.”

“I wanted to have this dance when my daughter, Stephanie, was in kindergarten,” said Furness. “She is 25 years old now. Even though I moved out of Stafford, I still come back for this event. My way of helping out now is to be the D.J.”  Originally the proceeds went to the local schools for eye exam machines for the nurse’s office. The Lions Club’s mission is to rid the world of blindness, so that task seemed fitting. Eventually, all the nurses received their machines and now it was time to delegate the new funds. The scholarship fund seemed to be the best and most fitting choice.

When the last song played, there were still three little girls on the dance floor. Fourth-graders Kalye Gutierrez, Emma Souliere and Elizabeth Arroyo simply didn’t want the night to end. “We had a great time,” said Arroyo.

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