Meet the class of 2010 at Windsor High School

Meet the class of 2010 at Windsor High School

By By Jennifer Coe - Staff Writer

More than 300 seniors from Windsor High School donned cap and gown to say their final goodbye’s to their alma mater and begin a new phase in their lives at graduation last week. The much-bigger-than First-Cathedral, Comcast Theatre, was the venue for this rite-of-passage and attracted hundreds of parents, grandparents and siblings to listen to the speeches given and to take many photos of the graduates. The class of 2010 is boasting some great achievements. Besides many students graduating with commendations and four students being placed in seats of honor as scholars, this class, for the first time in Windsor High history, can also boast of three National Merit semi finalists.

"It’s a phenomenal class," said Head of Guidance Eileen Blair. "They had a lot of enthusiasm and drive, and they have excelled academically and in athletics. To even have that many recognized through college boards is an achievement" she added. Principal Russell Sills, stood up to make his second graduation speech, during which he got choked up as he remembered the untimely death of alumnus Allison Lynette Owen.

Class Salutatorian Carolyn Boudreau spoke of the many problems this graduating class is going out to face in the world and how they have to be a part of the solution. "Although this list is daunting, our Class of 2010 is prepared to be part of the solution to all of these problems. We have lived through almost two decades in a rapidly changing world. We remember before there were computers in our homes and in our backpacks, before we texted constantly (or even at all), and when green was only a color, not a political statement. Yet, through all of these changes, we have adapted," she said.

Valedictorian Krisela Karaja implored her fellow classmates to not "seize the day" as the saying goes, but rather, "savor the day." "I cannot promote the phrase "carpe diem" at this commencement ceremony, because for me, seizing the day has taken on a whole new meaning.

So, I instead encourage all of us to savor the day. Savor today– graduation day – in particular. We can do this by simultaneously remembering our past, envisioning our future, and contemplating the present," she urged. As 305 names were read, cheers were nonstop, and even the most bashful senior broke out in smiles as they crossed the stage. At the end of the ceremony, after Scholar Hung Do instructed the class in the official moving of the tassel and the hats flew up into the air, a video-montage was viewed by all.

Notably, the class graduated three children of local officials with Mayor Trinks’ daughter Rebecca, BOE Chair Milo Peck’s daughter, Melinda, and Principal Russell Sills daughter, Lauren. In regard to the graduation ceremony, Mayor Trinks said, "I may not be totally objective because I think Russell Sills is amazing, but, it always does my heart good to hear the schools where kids are going. We have a couple of MIT’s," he said.

As the class of 2010 enters into the next stage of life, and some new responsibilities, the passing of time will play an important role. "There is a line in my favorite song – "Clocks," by Coldplay – that always mystifies me," said Karaja. "Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks." This is true – there will always be a clock to abide by – an appointment to go to, an assignment to complete, a day to seize. However, I know that on some occasions, we can choose to savor our days and handle them with care."


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