Graduates send each other off on reflective and positive note

Graduates send each other off on reflective and positive note

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer

Sun shone down on a nearly perfect evening last Friday, as Glastonbury High School said good-bye to the 459 graduates comprising the Class of 2010.

Spirits were high as the new grads contemplated their futures.

“Look at us now,” said class President Luke Santostefano. “All we want, all we seem to now need, is out there.”

Santostefano encouraged his classmates to thank their families and friends for all of the support they gave over the years, and thanked the school system for its dedication to making Glastonbury’s educational experience one that is envied, before turning it back to the grads. “As your president for the past four years, I don’t think I could feel more honored right now,” he said. “Every one of you will achieve great things in this world.”

Chairman of the Board of Education Richard Brown made requests of the graduates.

“Many of you donate your time and energy helping others,” Brown said. “Don’t lose that commitment. As soon as you can, get involved. Make a difference. Make your world better. You will be glad you did.”

Joseph Sutkowski and Robert Stauble gave a cleverly humorous address that they began by alternating each word. They spoke of how technology has become an integral part of life.

“Take out your cell phones, Blackberries and laptops, because the rest of the speech will be done via text, Twitter, and MySpace,” Stauble said.

“Don’t you mean Facebook?” Sutkowski asked.

The pair joked that Glastonbury is a boring place because it lacks a bowling alley, but recanted by saying it must be a great place to grow up.

“You can see this because 86 percent of these graduates are attending GHS post-grad,” Sutkowski said, “more formally known as UConn.”

While recalling several events that shaped the class over the four years, the two also defined what success is. “Success is not measured in dollars, careers, cars, or even love,” Stauble said. “Success is found in whatever combination of it all gives you the most happiness.”

“For the first time, what we do is really up to us,” Sutkowski said, “and our parents’ pockets.”

Elizabeth Kober asked, in her address, that the graduates look at the field they are on, as it is perhaps the most significant field in their lives.

“All the plays, all the dances, all the games – they’ve all led up to this,” she said. “Some of you can’t wait to get off this field, and some of you are terrified. But, there’s safety in knowing that no matter where you go…you will always be part of the Glastonbury High School Class of 2010. So, walk off this field. The world is waiting for us.”


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