RHAM grad headed to Yale

RHAM grad headed to Yale

By Melanie Savage - Staff Writer

People who attended the RHAM graduation ceremony on June 16 are familiar with Samuel Young and Elizabeth Rey. As the valedictorian and salutatorian of the Class of 2010, the two had the honor of delivering speeches in front of their fellow classmates. The students with the top two grade point averages are traditionally afforded this honor at high schools across the country. But what of the student with the third-highest GPA?

This year, that position was held by Nick Aubin. Aubin is a young man who has been heavily involved in his community for years. He is also, like Samuel Young (headed to Cornell) and his big brother before him (currently at Dartmouth), Ivy-League-bound. “He was accepted at seven different schools,” said Nick’s mom, Carolyn. “Of course when we heard from Yale, that’s the one he picked.”

True to form (the guy is not one to sit around playing video games), Nick was off on an adventure shortly after graduation. But his mom was happy to talk about the road that led to Yale, and what lies ahead for Nick. “He left for a trip down the Deleware River just this morning,” said Carolyn. “It’s something he has done every year.”

Nick, a long-time member of Hebron Boy Scout Troop 28, attained Eagle Scout rank after completing his project, the restoration of the Old Town Pound. Donna McCalla, president of the Hebron Historical Society, worked closely with him on the project, and has called upon him as a volunteer many times. “The entire Aubin family are lifetime members of the Hebron Historical Society,” said McCalla, “and we can always count on them, no matter what. Nick has taken a real role of responsibility in our organization with setting up all the tables and racks for the annual quilt show, as well as hosting the Burrows Hill School House tour during Maple Fest. He’s a fine young man. All towns benefit by the volunteerism of our youth, and Hebron has been especially blessed to have Nick Aubin and his service dedication for so many years, and for so many different organizations.”

Another organization that has benefitted is the Friends of the Douglas Library. A member for years, Nick has helped out many times with the library book sale. He served as a student liason for the Andover, Hebron, Marlborough Drug and Alcohol Task Force. He has also been heavily involved in his church, Marlborough Congregational, for many years. “He’s been a Sunday school teacher for ages,” said Carolyn. With the church’s youth group, Nick has volunteered his time to numerous causes, including mission trips and soup kitchens. “He has really loved being part of that group,” said Carolyn.

At RHAM, Aubin took advanced courses and earned top grades. As a member of the Spanish Honor Society, he was selected for the Spanish exchange program. After his family hosted a student from Cordoba, Nick had the opportunity to travel to Spain over April vacation. “That was a great experience for them,” said Carolyn. “By the time they got to Spain, they already knew the other students really well.”

Playing the saxophone, Aubin has been a member of the RHAM jazz ensemble. He also led a wind ensemble at his church. “Modern Riff” is a band, made up of both student and adult musicians, that Aubin joined as a saxophone player. He then surprised the group by teaching himself to play the guitar. “He’s really good at both the sax and the guitar now,” said Carolyn. “I’m sure that music will always play a big part in his life.”

Nick’s guitar helped him earn the title of Mr. RHAM during his senior year. During the talent portion of the competition, he combined serious playing with humorous dialogue to produce a unique act.

Carolyn Aubin confirms a fact that came up again and again during the recent graduation ceremony; the Class of 2010 is a very close-knit group. “There are kids Nick’s known since middle school,” she said. “They all seem to really care about each other. Those kids have really been a wonderful group of friends for Nick.”

Though Carolyn, like many moms, has mixed emotions about sending her child off to college, she said that Nick is ready for the next step in his life. “He can’t wait,” she said. Yale offers an opportunity that Nick is especially looking forward to. “They call it ‘shopping’,” said Carolyn. For the first two weeks, students are free to sit in on any classes they choose. Since Nick isn’t sure yet what he wants to study, this opportunity might be especially helpful. “He’s thinking about International Relations,” said Carolyn. “He thinks he might want to be a diplomat. But he might change his mind.” With the world wide open before him, Aubin has plenty of time to make up his mind.


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