Somers High grads share memories

Somers High grads share memories

By Amy Grigitis

As the 135 members of Somers High School’s graduating class gathered one last time on June 18, memories of their final school year flooded the school gymnasium.

Known affectionately by teachers and school administrators as a “difficult” class, one to watch out for, this moniker was worn by class members as a badge of honor.

Somers High School Principal Gary M. Cotzin thanked the graduating class for sharing his first year as principal, and effectively “breaking him in.” While Cotzin recounted a few initial bumps in the road as he adjusted to the class, and the class adjusted to him, the year ultimately ended on an upbeat note.

“Your first year as seniors was my first year at Somers High School,” Cotzin said. “There is a special place in my heart for this class. You are all wonderful.”

The spirited class spent their last year as high school students under the leadership of Class President Liana Brockway. As Brockway addressed the graduating Class of 2010 one final time, she recalled the feeling of unity that bound the class together, remembering “an impromptu senior march through the hallways, mornings in the library, and lessons teachers have taught us that can’t be learned in books.”

“I hope you all remember that we are a class with no boundaries,” said Brockway. “We push the limit because we know we deserve better.” Valedictorian Stacy Thomas urged the class to embrace change as they venture forth into the world beyond the high school hallways. Quoting from the popular “Harry Potter” books, Thomas told the class to prepare to adjust to the changes ahead, and choose to keep pushing ahead when the going gets tough.

"‘It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities,’” Thomas quoted.


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