Successful sisters named Somers salutatorian and valedictorian

Successful sisters named Somers salutatorian and valedictorian

By Jennifer Coe - Staff Writer

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities," quoted Stacy Thomas, valedictorian of the Somers High School Class of 2010. This seems to be her motto for life, in addition to being one of the sentences she spoke in her speech to the graduating class on Friday, June 18.

She feels that an important characteristic that she developed during her high school career was a pursuit of excellence. "I believe the major reason I was so successful what that I was unwilling to settle," she said. "I always put in my best effort." Although she defines herself as a perfectionist, she doesn’t see that as a bad thing. "I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I always had to have everything just right," she said.

Stacy was active in her school community throughout the years, too, making the best of her interests in many areas. She has played soccer, managed the girls’ basketball team and managed the girls’ softball team, too. The team went to the semi-finals this year for the first time.

Stacy credits her being able to achieve the honor of valedictorian to three key ingredients: "A lot of hard work, late nights and food," she said. She also seemed to have developed a long-range outlook on life. "I think the biggest thing may have been looking at high school as a stepping-stone for college and long life success," she said.

Stacy’s sister, Camille, would describe her journey with the word "dedication." Camille earned 12 varsity letters while in high school, playing basketball, soccer and softball. After becoming salutatorian, she reflected, "It took a great deal of hard work and dedication. I take everything that I am part of seriously."

Camille also credits her work ethic to the fact that she was always busy. "Playing one or two sports a season did not allow for me to become lazy with my schoolwork," she said. She made her time count, and because of that, she was able to find success along the way.

"I spent a huge amount of time on projects and homework, but becoming salutatorian has made it all worth it," said Camille.

The girls have solid plans for their futures. Stacy plans to attend Providence College and study biochemistry, while Camille is staying in-state to go to UConn, and hopefully become a high school math teacher.

"Stacy and Camille have always been great students and self-motivated to do well in school," said their proud mom, Roseann Thomas, along with her husband James.


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