SWHS Class of 2010 celebrates graduation day together

SWHS Class of 2010 celebrates graduation day together

By Wally Robinson

The ballroom atop the Connecticut Convention Center was the venue for the June 22 commencement exercises honoring the South Windsor High School Class of 2010.

The opening ceremonies featured the Presentation of the Colors by the South Windsor Fire Department Color Guard, The Procession of Faculty, The Procession of Graduates, and the playing of the national anthem.

Principal Daniel Sullivan III reviewed the academic, social and athletic highlights of the school year – his first at the school – in his opening remarks. He drew the loudest applause by recalling the football team’s 14-0 win over rival Rockville High School on Thanksgiving Day.

Superintendent of Schools Robert Kozaczka, certainly no stranger to the giving and receiving of speeches, promised to “be brief, and be seated.” After telling the class to salt away the memories of graduation day and to look forward to fulfilling as-yet-untold positions in life, he did indeed sit… in under two minutes.

Jacqueline Boudle won the 2010 poetry competition for her composition, “The Trials and Tribulations of a High School Senior,” which she read for the occasion. In part, she wrote, “After four years do I still not know who I am? Self worth isn’t a score that you get on exams/Now SAT scores and GPA define us as teens, but once we leave high school, what do these mean?/Eventually to this conclusion we came: people are more than a face or a name./Individuality’s important; in fact it’s our aim. And that’s why we’re all here… dressed exactly the same.”

Valedictorian Eric Eliasson was introduced by Associate Principal Tiffany Violette, who noted that the former National Honor Society president was going to Yale, where he would study “absolutely everything.” Eliasson spoke of the constant adjustments his class had to deal with, made necessary by having three different principals during their time at the school. “I hope the experience gained will help all of us deal with the challenges ahead,” he said. Admitting that facing the unknown is scary, he urged his classmates to have courage. “Courage is not about having no fear,” he said. “Courage is about acknowledging fear and moving forward in the face of it.”


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