Griswold High salutatorian headed for Boston University

Griswold High salutatorian headed for Boston University

By Melanie Savage - Staff Writer

Griswold High School salutatorian, Elizabeth Bartlett, will most likely miss the sense of humor of her classmates the most. “I’ll miss how funny everyone is,” she said, shortly after collecting her diploma. Bartlett, who is headed to Boston University to study biomedical engineering, said that her classmates have been good friends over the years. “Everyone is really supportive,” she said. “We’re not competitive at all.” As for valedictorian Rebecca Sajkowicz, who did not deliver an address at the June 21 graduation ceremony, Bartlett said: “She didn’t want to come. She didn’t attend the graduation.”

Regarding her intended career in medicine, Bartlett said she was inspired by her grandmother, who lost her leg two months ago and is now using a prosthesis. “I want to design prosthetics,” said Bartlett. “I saw what my grandma went through, and that’s what got me interested.”

During her commencement speech, Bartlett criticized the cliche referring to high school as “the best time of our lives.” “These memories are ones we can look back on,” said Bartlett. “But it’s time to embark on our lives as adults.”


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