Meet the author

Salem - posted Jan, 18 2013

SALEM- Connecticut Paranormal Author, Sydney Sherman, will speak about her book, "You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here…You’re Just Not Listening," on Saturday, Jan. 26 at the Salem Free Public Library at 1 p.m. Sherman’s book outlines her passage from confusion to acceptance of her relationships with the many spirits who inhabit her everyday world. The book goes beyond a simple biographical story of a medium. Frustrated with media sensationalism and misinformation about the afterlife and contact with spiritual entities, Sydney decided to “come out” with her secret. "You Are Not Alone" approaches the paranormal with a healthy dose of common sense and encourages rational skepticism. The author looks at why and what we believe about the paranormal and the afterlife. Author Sydney Sherman grew up in a small town in Connecticut in the 60’s. Baseball games, dance recitals and Sunday car rides were a normal part of her life growing up in the 60’s. But she was soon to find out everything was not normal…she had a secret. Sydney Sherman saw dead people! Longing to know why they appeared to her and not to others was the beginning of understanding. She began allowing herself to be open to the spirits. Sherman learned from them. And, the more she listened, the more she became confident in herself. She is now recognized by her colleagues as a significant force in promoting professionalism and responsibility in the field.

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