Letter to the Editor

Hebron - posted May, 02 2013

Like many Connecticut residents, our small town of Hebron was deeply saddened and devastated by the events in Newtown and Boston. As a community, we found the strength to carry on, and continue with our daily routines of going to work, school, sports, and clubs. Now, Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and from the outside things appear back to normal. However, many of us are still unsettled and deeply saddened over the recent loss. We quietly wish in our hearts that there was something we could have done to prevent the evil that occurred or make it better for the loved ones left behind. We hug our children a little tighter when we drop them off at school. We want to do something and we struggle to find a way to make a difference. May 8 is Teacher Appreciation Day and our opportunity to make a difference. We normally think of firefighters, police officers, and our Armed Forces making the ultimate sacrifice and giving their lives for us. Given the recent events, we now must add Teachers to this list! After Newtown, the teachers of Hebron came together to comfort us. They hugged us, smiled longer at drop off, and found simple ways to ensure parents that we need not worry. They reminded us that good always overcomes evil and they assured us they would do their very best to protect our children from harm. Here is our chance as a community to do something. On May 8, we should come together and show our teachers how much we love them and appreciate all their support. I encourage all parents to write them a special note, have your children make them cards, bring them flowers (as a sign of appreciation and hope for a bright future), or bring them a special gift. Let’s come together to show them how thankful we are for all their hard work and love for our children. On the morning of May 8th the PTA is planning a breakfast to honor our teachers. If individuals or local vendors wish to contribute, please email katimercer@comcast.net. Sincerely, Carol Connolly Hebron

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