Letter to the editor

East Windsor - posted May, 13 2013

The Library Association of Warehouse Point in East Windsor is asking for the community’s support during this budget season. Many residents are not aware that the Library is not a Town agency nor does the Town own the building. The staff are not town employees and do not receive benefits or wages comparable to town employees. The library is a non-profit organization run by the benefit of several endowments. The endowment funds have been dwindling due to investment returns. There is not enough money to cover all expenses due to library expansion, new technology needs and rising costs. The library over time has needed to depend more on help from town funding. The primary consequence of not being a Town agency is the library is not able to participate in infrastructure services like trash pickup, snowplowing, lawn maintenance, utilities or building repairs. Unfortunately, the purchasing of books, materials and programming suffer when maintenance takes precedence. Evening hours had to be cut. However, a recent survey indicated the residents are clamoring for more hours. Many people judge the quality of life in a town by how good the library is and how it can play a vital role in their lives. The library provides services for everyone with unlimited access to books, movies, free internet access, newspapers, museums, and periodicals and the opportunity for lifelong learning. It provides a place for community groups to have meetings. For young children early access to books and reading leads to better literacy, vocabulary and language skills. Programs for adults provide opportunities for learning about areas of interest, hearing an author, or having a cultural experience and celebrating people and activities important to us locally. We feel that how a community supports its library is a reflection of the vision of its leaders. Library use can be life-changing. Imagine if the town and educational leaders and citizens pulled together in support of library services how our town could be a beacon. Please support better funding for the library at this critical time by letting your elected officials know you support your local library. Donna Grant Vice chairman - Library Board of Directors, Vice chairman Friends of the Library Lynn Stanley, Chairman Friends of the Library Ivette Rios, Secretary and Treasurer Friends of the Library

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