Renter's rebate program

Vernon - posted Jun, 27 2013

ROCKVILLE - State Representative Claire Janowski (D-Vernon, Rockville) urged elderly and disabled residents to apply for the state’s Rental Rebate Program as soon as possible to ensure those who participated in the program last year do not lose eligibility for future benefits for failure to reapply. Janowski also vowed to counter efforts to limit program participation by barring new entrants into the program. Connecticut currently provides a rental rebate assistance program for low income renters who are elderly or disabled. Rebates can be up to $900 for married couples or $700 for single persons. The rebate amount is based on a graduated income scale and the amount of rent and qualified utility payments made in the year prior to the calendar year in which the renter applies. However, the program was recently changed at the request of the Office of Policy & Management to include a provision that disqualifies anyone from future participation if they qualified last year but fail to reapply in 2013. The cost savings measure would further close participation to new entrants. Janowski further cautioned that if someone is uncertain of their last year's qualification it is important that they apply anyway. Application to the program must be made through the respective city or town in which a resident lives at either the town's Social Services Department, Elderly Services Center or the local assessor’s office. Contact your local city or town hall office to find the specific place to file. Residents of Vernon and Rockville can apply in person at the Vernon Social Services Department located at the town hall building.

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