Letter to the Editor

South Windsor - posted Sep, 03 2013

During the Town Council meeting of June 3, there was a discussion regarding South Windsor’s ranking in Hartford Magazine’s annual ranking of the best towns to live in. In their initial publication of the list, the magazine had erroneously placed South Windsor second overall, up from fifth last year, in their ratings. However this was an error; South Windsor was ranked as a ‘large town.’ Deputy Mayor Gary Bazzano noticed the error and called the magazine to clarify: was it a typographical error or was the data attached to the town fictitious? As it turned out the magazine had confused South Windsor’s population with that of Southington and when they recalculated the rankings South Windsor was re-ranked and dropped from fifth to ninth! When Deputy Mayor Gary Bazzano conveyed the new information to the Council, Delnicki, our current mayor, fired off a rude comment to Bazzano about his “costing the town business” opportunities by having the ranking reflect the corrected data. That tells me that either our mayor does not know how many people live within the town where he is supposed to lead, or he feels it is fine to attract business into town with erroneous data. It would be bad enough if he didn’t how many people live in his own town, but it would be even worse if he was willing to bring business into town under false pretenses. Either way, not only is this not a person I want as my mayor, I don’t want him on my town’s Council. How would we respond if a business owner, after moving his business here because they thought we were a town of 40,000, found out that we were a town of just under 27,000? I do not want someone who I cannot trust to lead my town and I do not want someone in that position who would belittle someone who tried to put the correct data out there. Belittling someone for trying to get the truth out demonstrates bullying and a lack of character, and now more than ever, character counts. Phil Koboski South Windsor

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