Letter to the Editor

South Windsor - posted Sep, 04 2013

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't South Windsor Mayor Thomas Delnicky get elected due to received the most votes from the towns people? What a disgrace that his own Republican party did not endorse him for a spot on this year's ballot. Forget about being bipartisan, these Republican councilmen and women can't even be partisan. I've been a Republican (badly represented of late) ever since I was old enough to vote, but I have to say, I'm embarrassed by the actions of the South Windsor Republican Town Council these recent years. They've done everything they could not to cooperate with the Democrats and now they think they're above the mayor himself from their own party. Mayor Thomas Delnicky has proven to work hard for South Windsor and goes beyond petty partisan issues. He's dedicated and has common sense. One of the Republican-endorsed candidates, who did a lousy job as mayor (you know who you are), should have had the decency to give up his spot to Mayor Delnicky but didn't. This is an arrogant bunch. They consider our vote meaningless. The South Windsor Town Council is famous for wasting time and money on useless projects and properties. If the latest project (waste of time and money) ever comes to be, (the movie studio), they should make a movie about this Town Council. It'll be a great comedy. Ray Warner South Windsor

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