Letter to the Editor

Enfield - posted Sep, 05 2013

ENFIELD - On Sept. 10th, Enfield Republican’s will elect four at-large candidates to run in the November municipal election. Enfield Republicans have a choice. I am running on the endorsed Republican slate. I am proud to call Enfield my home and have raised four children in Enfield. Over the years, I have invested not only my time but my money in Enfield, running several businesses in town. I have a vested-interest in the community and I understand first-hand the difficulties we all face. As a local real estate broker, every day I listen to homeowners and business owners who are faced with the struggles of this economy. Every day. Whether it is job loss, declining values, or life circumstances, I see the daily struggle the residents in Enfield are burdened with. I don’t turn a blind eye, nor do I sugar-coat the truth: Enfield continues to struggle on all fronts. Millions of dollars were allocated this past budget season with additional sewer fees and armed guard costs. Roughly 9-percent increase this year in taxes and “fees” is too much for the average homeowner to swallow. Since 2005, I have been a true fiscal conservative Republican voice. No one can question my “agenda” or ulterior motive for running because there is none. My sole agenda is to ensure Enfield is a place my children can also raise their families. Residents should be afforded the opportunity to speak their minds and the council should make every attempt to include the public in their decisions. I feel we have failed at this strategy most recently in regards to the armed guards decision. More public input was needed and more time should have been spent on alternatives. In the past eight years, I have conscientiously taken the task of representing you as an honor and a privilege. We have weathered very difficult times in Enfield and I am proud of my voting record on the council. As a council member, we are merely an extension of your voice. I have never taken that for granted, and on Sept. 10, I ask for your vote in the Republican primary. Ken Nelson, Jr. Enfield

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