Seminar on affording long term care

Enfield - posted Sep, 23 2013

ENFIELD - You have your 401(k), your diversified portfolio, your retirement nest egg: you’ve thought of everything except for how to protect these assets should you need long-term care. It’s a fact: just one year in a Connecticut nursing home can cost more than $138,000 and Medicare and health insurance may only cover a fraction of these costs. Now there's a way to protect your life’s savings. If you’re 40 or older, long-term care insurance should be part of your retirement plan. The state of Connecticut can help. Private long-term care insurance policies approved by the state’s Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care assures you of the highest-quality insurance standards. They’re affordable, provide asset protection, protect against inflation and – most important – give you peace of mind through your retirement years. There will be a free seminar on Wednesday, Oct. 2, at 7 p.m., the Enfield Public Library will be sponsoring a free seminar on this very important topic with special guest speaker, Aldo Pantano, a representative from the CT Partnership for Long Term Care, with the state Office of Policy and Management. No company specific products will be discussed, and there will be no sales or solicitations allowed- just information that you should know. Note: the Enfield Public Library is not affiliated with the state of Connecticut or Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care. All programs at the Enfield Public Library are free and all are welcome. To register for this program, please visit the circulation desk or call 860-763-7512. For more information on upcoming library events, please visit

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