Volunteer docents needed for tours

Glastonbury - posted Sep, 23 2013

GLASTONBURY - One of the many services the Historical Society of Glastonbury gives back to the town of Glastonbury is colonial-based tours for the entire fifth grade student body. Volunteer docents are needed to make these tours come to life. A team of fifth-grade teachers have wrote a historical tour consisting of eight real-life colonial stations throughout one of our local house museums. Each station, which includes barn activities, rope making, kitchen activities, textile activities, and chores, reflect a task of something that might have been done by a child in colonial times. The interactive educational tours are given at the Historical Society’s 1755 Connecticut River Valley Mansion: The Welles-Shipman-Ward House. Each tour lasts about three hours and takes place on a school day morning. There are 13 tours over a four-week period mid-October through Thanksgiving. As the children move through the eight stations they’ll experience studying American History through the unique lens of history in our own backyard. They’ll experience a chance to haul water and firewood, grind spices with a mortar and pestle, card wool, lift bags of “grain” via a pulley system in one of the barns, and see what they would look like dressed in the garb of a colonial child. This comes to life through the effort of our volunteer docents, which we are in need of. Each of the 13 tours requires nine to ten docents. You don’t have to work all 13 tour days but are welcome to. As a docent, you can learn one or more of the various stations and are welcome to borrow a costume for the day. It’s fun and you’ll get to experience colonial life hands-on. Docent training will take place Saturday, Oct. 5, at The Welles-Shipman-Ward House. If you attend the training session and do at least two days' tours, you will be eligible for a docent card. Docent cards will give you reduced or free admission at a number of historic museums, landmarks, seaports and villages throughout the state. Please call the Historical Society of Glastonbury at 860-633-6890 for more information on being a fifth-grade tour docent and to sign up.

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