Music department on the rise

Windham - posted Dec, 09 2013

WINDHAM- The Windham Board of Education recently approved an initiative that will bolster Windham High School’s Music Department for years to come and catapult the department onto the national music map if Director of Bands and Jazz Studies, Raymond Sinclair, and Director of Strings and Choir, Andrew Potts, have their way. The unanimous approval to enter into a “lease to own program” with vendor Music and Arts will enable the high school to upgrade all of its current musical equipment and own it within three years. The high school currently uses “student model” instruments. Student models are typically used for beginner students at the middle and elementary school level. These instruments restrict what a musician can do with sound because of the instruments limited notes. In addition to being student models, nearly 60% of the inventory is in disrepair and decades old. The new professional model instruments will double the volume and quality of what students are currently playing. A brand new fleet of 15 guitars, full marching brass, a brand new drum line and a full recording studio are just some of the items students will have the opportunity to work with beginning in January. While new equipment is exciting, the real thrill for Sinclair and Potts is the opportunity to make Windham high school competitive statewide and nationally. Windham high school expects class sizes to grow significantly once the new equipment is in place and the music ensembles begin to gain recognition through national competitions. The high school will not be the only Windham school to benefit from this purchase. Plans are in place to move the working equipment down to the middle school to supplement their present music inventory. Older middle school models will then move on to the elementary schools where instrumental programs are near non-existent.

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