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Region - posted Jan, 20 2014

REGION - In February, the Community Drum Circle at ECHN’s Cancer Center in Manchester, will be held on Feb. 5, 7 to 8:30 p.m. A return to the first Wednesday date which it will occupy through the coming season. It’s still time to celebrate the new year by doing new things, and returning to old things, for those of you who have drummed before. Drum circles have many benefits: both drumming and dancing (which is encouraged but not required) are good exercise. The vibrations produced in a drum circle relieve stress and produce healthy endorphins. It is good for tension, blood pressure, well being and it’s fun. You can drum, play a tambourine, a frog, a rattle or any of the other hand instruments provided or come and dance or just listen. Djembe drums and other hand instruments will be provided. While experienced drummers are welcome, no experience is necessary. The facilitation techniques used will both teach traditional patterns and allow for innovation; as long as you drum in sync with and respect the beat. Of a given evening, a new (but traditional) drum pattern may be introduced. Yet, each circle extends from previous circles, in basing its rhythm patterns on ones done before. At the same time, each gathering is unique: in the innovations participants bring to those patterns; in the instruments choosen to play; and the ambiance of the evening. Come and give it a try; chances are you will leave smiling. ECHN’s Cancer Center is located across the street from Manchester Memorial Hospital. Contact Mary Ertel, Facilitator, at M.Ertel@SbcGlobal.Net or 860-875-5360 with questions or to register (to insure a drum).

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