Letter to the Editor

Somers - posted Feb, 27 2014

Dear Editor, in reading a Letter to the Editor in which the writer “wondered why 34 Somers towns folks are challenging the 34 candidates who were voted in at the Republican Town Committee caucus in January,” I felt a need to respond. The writer of that letter represents a dissident group that only received 11 percent of the votes at the January Republican caucus, and is now forcing the entire town to pay for the costs of a town-wide primary, because they are angry that they did not get on the Somers Republican Town Committee. In the individual’s letter, there were various questionable assertions regarding Somers administration, which I will not attempt to address. Instead, I will point out what the Republicans at the caucus demonstrated in electing 34 members of the Somers Republican Town Committee, and will mention the names of a few of the endorsed members, whom I believe are representative of the 34: Tim Keeney (district judge of probate); Patrick Mahon (chairman of the Board, Johnson Memorial Hospital); Dr. Paul Salva (chairman, Somers Education Foundation); Lisa Pellegrini (first selectman); David Drinan (chairman, Republican Town Committee); and James Persano (chairman, Somers Board of Finance). Please, vote on March 4 and vote the top two rows. People you know, people you trust: Somers endorsed Republicans. George F. Warner Somers

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