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Aquatic Wildlife Company is a place where you can enjoy 11,000+ gallons of freshwater fish, plants & marine life from around the world, fully conditioned & guaranteed. Aquatic Wildlife not just another fish store; it is fish keeping with a touch of magic! Where families & fish meet! We are truly a one-stop shop for aquarium keeping, whether you are the beginner or advanced hobbyist. We offer everything from betta and nano setups to extravagant reef aquariums. We pride ourselves in offering fresh and frozen foods, live rock, pond supplies, decoratives, filtration, high tech lighting, and maintenance equipment. We are also very well known for having an extremely large, lush, and diverse planted section; one of the largest in New England. We are blessed with knowledgeable staff that take pride in the ability to solve water quality issues and in ability to aid the hobbyist in selecting the right equipment and livestock for their specific home, office, or commercial aquarium. We also offer full service & custom installations.


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