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Philly’s owner Shem Adams was born and raised in Philadelphia, a Mecca of sports good food and entrepreneurial activity. It wasn’t until he had moved to Connecticut did he begin to realize how much the Philly culture was an integral part of his life. Although he rapidly adapted to the different pace and quality of life Connecticut had to offer, there were a few things about life in Philly he found hard to escape. Coming from a family where food was an intimate part of socialization, his most unshakable cravings were the fun foods he grew up with. He began to make frequent return trips back to Philly ‘to see his Pop’, but his first, last and intermediate stops were always to the better steak shops around the city, the ones you have to be native to know about. This went on for years, and when the time came for him to apply his inherent entrepreneurial skills to the retail market, it was only natural to consider Philly sandwiches. When the time was right, Philly’s was born. And as you can attest as you wipe your mouth with that greasy napkin . . . the rest is history. Philly’s was recently voted the #1 Sandwich in America by The Travel Channel.


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