Simon Says

Simon Says 860-684-4400
Today, most towns, large and small have one of the three types of stores available for sellers and buyers. During tough economic times, it is these second hand stores that tend to do a better business. In the little town of Stafford Springs, you can find the most unique store around for miles, Simon Says opened it’s doors in in September 2011 and specialize in items that they can Buy, Sell & Trade at fair market pricing. Some people in the world want their possessions to be brand new, Others make it a hobby to find old items they can buy and bring home. At Simon Says you can find both. When you walk in you will find that old style bartering going on, anything that can be sold such as Furniture, Jewelry, Tools, Fishing Equipment, Collectibles, Lawn Mowers, Motorcycles and other equipment. They’ve even had a Portable Jacuzzi available! Partners Michael Simon and Patrick Soucy have the perfect niche for the area, when today people are trying to save money more then ever you can walk into Simon Says and find that one item you have been looking for, and possibly even something you thought you never would find. No matter how many times you go in to the store you will always find something new and changed. Stop by today, You will be truly glad you did! Open Wed. - Mon 10-6


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