Surprisingly fun ‘Warm Bodies’ has clever premise, unique feel

Nicholas Hoult in ‘Warm Bodies.’ Rated PG-13, 97 min. Summit Entertainment, 2013.

Those expecting “Warm Bodies” to be simply “Twilight” with zombies may be disappointed, but the good news is that “Warm Bodies” is far more enjoyable than that, and may just be the most fun you will have at the movies this season.

The first few minutes alone – with a wry narration explaining the world from the point of view of conflicted, romantic and misunderstood young zombie R (Nicholas Hoult) – set a playful tone that puts a welcome twist on the genre. The zombie falls for human survivor Julie (Teresa Palmer), leading the star-crossed couple to convince her militant father (John Malkovich) that zombies can be cured.

It sounds absurd, and most of it is supposed to be. The trick that the movie pulls off so well is fitting some sweet, sincere moments in amongst the satire and blood splatters. The film moves quickly and incorporates drama, comedy, romance and action well, jumping from one to another effortlessly, to the credit of screenwriter and director Jonathan Levine. Rob Corddry, Analeigh Tipton and Dave Franco add to the well-balanced cast. The characters are thinly-drawn, but that’s easy to overlook in a movie with such an original flavor.

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