‘Total Recall’ remake looks great, but hinges on confusing logic

Colin Farrell in ‘Total Recall.’ Rated PG-13, 118 min. Columbia Pictures, 2012.

This remake of “Total Recall” – the 1990 science-fiction thriller – stars Colin Farrell in the Arnold Schwarzenegger role, as a man whose memory may not be his own. This time, Douglas Quaid (Farrell) finds himself in the midst of a rebellion on the devastated future dystopia that used to be Earth. Both his wife (Kate Beckinsale) and his rebel partner (Jessica Biel) may not be who they seem to be, but then again, Quaid is not who he thinks he is, either.

As the plot spirals on and on, the battles escalate and the confusion mounts. While the effects are creative and fun to watch (like phones implanted into the palms of people’s hands), the twists leave your head spinning. So Quaid is a secret agent who is really a double agent who doesn’t know he is a double agent, but might actually be a triple agent? Bryan Cranston and Bill Nighy attempt to offer some explanation, but instead of wasting the day figuring it out, just enjoy the dark, dirty and heavily digitized “Blade Runner” meets “Matrix” design of the film. It can be fun if you’re in the right mood, but even then, this “Total Recall” is more or less a forgettable
sci-fi logic problem with no solution.

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