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Posted on Feb. 26, 2014
In response “END OF THE DAY:” Why do you people keep trying to use sensible logic to express your displeasure with the convoluted way our state is being run? Our state leaders do not understand all of the high intellect words you used like “profit,” “expenses,” etc. The new minimum wage idea is designed to increase votes for the “kind and generous” party that keeps on giving. It has nothing to do with keeping profit for the business or indeed keeping the business in business. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 18, 2014
Apparently, our governor does not fully understand how business owners (especially small ones) make a profit. From the sales, they subtract the expenses, and what’s left over at the end of the day is their profit, in this case also their paycheck. The expenses are things like rent, the cost of what they sell, and wages. He wants to raise the minimum wage to over $10. Unfortunately, there is no magic way to raise sales, so the increase to wages either comes out of the owner’s profit/paycheck or some workers get laid off so the rest can get a raise. This is how it is, simple but real math. Keep in mind that most fast food places are not corporate-owned, but franchises owned by local people. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 18, 2014
By law, anyone entering the U.S. from a foreign country who is not a U.S. citizen is subject to inspection. All visitors must, among other things, present a valid passport, a visa obtained from the American consul in their country, questioned about purpose of visit, checked in the database for criminal/terrorist activity. Immigrants or refugees must present documents which include a physical examination. They could stand and wait two or three hours. Customs and agriculture inspection follows. This is coming in the front door; illegals come in through the back door, bypassing required inspection. No amnesty for sneaking in and placed at the front of the line. Amnesty voids any purpose for inspectors at the border. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 18, 2014
Response to “SNOW STORM:” Maybe the southern states believed Al Gore when he said young children worldwide wouldn’t even know what snow looks like by this year, because of the lack of snow due to global warming, and that’s why they weren’t prepared. The South does not need to “learn from their mistakes.” Do you have any concept of how much taxpayer money it would cost to keep and maintain a fleet of snow plows, sand, and salt that would only be used once every 10 or 20 years? That would be a colossal waste of money! It just doesn’t snow very often down there, global warming notwithstanding. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 18, 2014
In response to “BETTER STORY:” That is just awesome! I bet your girlfriend is going to stop working now, right? The CBO just estimated that Obamacare will cause 2.5 million people to leave the workforce. White House spokesman Jay Carney says, “Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, or if they will work.” Yup, 2.5 million people will happily leave their jobs because of all the money they’re saving on affordable health insurance! I can’t wait until I get my affordable insurance so I can quit my job too. America will be so much better once everyone stops working for a living. Obama is the best! (reply)


Posted on Feb. 18, 2014
According to the latest CBO report on Obamacare, several million people will be forced out of the workforce as a direct result of the Obamacare law. The White House issued a statement spinning that report as great news, because millions of people will now have the opportunity to chase their dreams without being encumbered by a job. What if my dream was to have a job and take care of myself without relying on handouts? (reply)


Posted on Feb. 18, 2014
When I went to the doctor yesterday, I was given a race and ethnicity form to fill out. I refused. They told me that I had to fill it out or I could not see the doctor, as mandated under section 4302 of Obamacare. When the police do this it’s called racial profiling, but when Obama does it it’s called health care. How long before doctors are required to meet a race quota and patients of the wrong race are turned away? I checked off “American Indian.” If Elizabeth Warren can do it, so can I. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
My 56-year-old doctor retired and closed his practice on Dec. 31, 2013, because of Obamacare. I liked my doctor and I wanted to keep him. Now, because of Obamacare, I have to find a new doctor. But since I am on Medicare, I cannot find any doctors who are taking new Medicare patients. Their reason for refusing to take new Medicare patients is Obamacare. Because of Obamacare, I lost the doctor I liked, and because of Obamacare, I cannot find a new doctor. Obamacare is an all-Democrat law, written by Democrats and passed by Democrats. Do you think I will ever vote Democrat again? Absolutely not! (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
I believe everyone should have a photo ID to vote. You need one to purchase tobacco or alcohol. Are the people against voter ID saying people don’t need ID for tobacco and alcohol purchases? Since the government writes so many stupid rules to take our privileges away, why don’t they make it mandatory, no matter how old a person looks, to show ID for tobacco and alcohol purchases? It would be for the betterment of the people in their minds. Then we will see how many people without IDs complain that they can’t get one when you hit them where it hurts – in the purchase of tobacco and alcohol. Hey, let’s add lottery tickets, too! (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
I am so glad to see how the new gun laws are working. Every night on the news I see a shooting/murder. There were fewer before the gun laws went in. We don’t need gun laws; we need more help for the mentally unstable. Maybe somehow check on these people who buy guns, making sure they don’t have a mentally unstable person living in their home and such. Lanza’s mother never should have owned a gun, much less teach him how to shoot one! The people who need to protect themselves can do it, but the criminals have easy access to guns, it seems. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
It’s amazing how Americans stick to their Democrat or Republican labels. The Speak Out responses about politics are mostly angry, childish and woefully biased. Do people have any original thoughts anymore? Would a Republican ever stick up for Obama? Would a Democrat ever praise a decision made by George W. Bush? Not likely. I’m so happy to be an Independent. I use my mind instead of a party label. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
In response to “GOOD IDEA!” You are still dumb enough to believe the NSA reads every email? How dumb! If that were true, there would be no unemployment because it would take millions of people to read every email and, even then, it would be impossible. I sent 30 emails today and I am not a small business. Get real! (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
In response to “LOUD AND CLEAR:” JFK was a great president, but he was honoring an agreement to defend South Vietnam, so we would have been in Vietnam within a year. He also has his faults, and his biggest fault was Marilyn Monroe, but that didn’t make the news as much as things today because there was no Internet, and reporters could be intimidated to keep something quiet. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 10, 2014
In response to “OBAMACARE HURTS:” So, you take the word of a part-time cashier in a grocery store? How about one store I know about where they had five people call in sick in one day, and that puts a strain on the front end? Maybe you should speak to management. Most companies never offered health benefits to part-time workers in the past, so that is nothing new. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 06, 2014
I hope before the next election that people who consider themselves Democrats wake up and realize their party has been hijacked by progressives. They really aren’t the party for the “little guy” and women. Their policies hurt those people by promoting the culture of death, making everything more expensive and destroying job opportunities. President Obama spews a lot of rhetoric, but it’s all deception. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 02, 2014
In response to “ARE YOU STUPID?” The answer is no. I am just voting for the lesser of the two evils – the Democrats. With regards to the charge that I get communism when I vote for the Democrats, nothing can be further from the truth. I get capitalism when I vote for the Democrats. For example, since the Democrats took control in January 2009, we have seen corporate profits hit an all-time high, while wages have been stagnant. That’s capitalism. Clearly, you are using the word “communism” without knowing what it means. Next time, please do your homework before you write. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 02, 2014
There are news reports of ERs being crowded due to folks with the flu. Flu shots are so easy to get these days with (almost) every supermarket and all pharmacies offering them. It’s common sense to protect yourself. It’s no fun to be sick, and so much more costly than the shot! (reply)


Posted on Feb. 02, 2014
When I was in my early 20s, I bought a house. Little did I know I was sold a lemon. The realtor manipulated the whole process and even recommended a home inspector that did not disclose very important information about this house. Now, years later, I am stuck in a home that is unsafe and deteriorating very fast. I don’t have the funds to put into this home to fix everything that is wrong. I wish the realtor would have been honest with me. (reply)


Posted on Feb. 02, 2014
Congress has a lower rating than the president. Could it be that it’s because President Obama deliberately refuses to work with them as many past presidents have? He has created animosity between parties even when they try to work together. How can he be “king,” or “dictator” if he shares power with them? (reply)


Posted on Feb. 02, 2014
In response to “SCANDALS?” What part of, “If you like your health plan you can keep it” did you not get? It is all a lie, it is not called a “death panel,” but the government, not yourself and doctor, will determine if you can have a type of treatment. Remember, maybe you should take the pain pill instead of having the surgery. Wake up and get a clue; you have been lied to. (reply)
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