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Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
In response to “GEE, THANKS!” My insurance has gone up for the last 30 years. Do you blame that on Obama, too? Or the do-nothing Republicans? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
In response to “APPLIES TO ALL:” I agree. If I am not allowed to say “Merry Christmas,” or to display a cross or the 10 Commandments wherever I please, be it in public or on government property, because it is offensive to one or two people (or maybe it violates their religious rules or views), then why do I have to be subjected to public displays of same-sex affection if I am religiously offended by it? Shouldn’t the Constitution protect my views, too? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
So now they are saying the sun has entered into a solar lull. Basically, it is going to take a nap. When this happens, the world gets colder. I guess we better all start driving SUVs so we can warm things up again... Where is Al Gore? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
In response to “WRECK:” I know just how you feel. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this? All people say is that you will be happy when they are out of the house. My son has been away at college for three years and I miss him terribly. There should be a club we could join of other parents that feel the same way we do. I’m a wreck also. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
Recently shopping at a local grocery store, I asked a cashier, “Why aren’t there more cashiers working on a busy Friday afternoon?” The placed was mobbed and everyone was waiting in long lines. I was told that after 30 years of receiving health benefits, the company stopped offering all part-time workers health care and is now making full-time workers part-time workers, so they don’t have to offer them insurance because of Obamacare. So many lives are negatively impacted by this horrible legislation. The problem is not only the rollout, but the legislation itself. “Why is our government doing this to us?” Should be the question we all ask. As people suffer because of Obamacare, Representative Larson and Senator Murphy (authors of this legislation) are silent. Remember, only Democrats voted for this piece of garbage. Let our disgust be known on Election Day 2014 for Representative Larson. Let’s take America back! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
Looking for a way to celebrate Michelle Obama’s birthday? ABC News was nice enough to suggest 50 ways. That’s right, they want you to learn how to fawn, gush and drool just like a full-fledged journalist. Taxpayers already gifted Mrs. Obama with an extended vacation in Hawaii, but ABC obviously doesn’t think that’s enough. Of all the presidential administrations in my lifetime, I cannot recall ever being aware of the First Lady’s birthday before, let alone having it shoved down my throat. Hey journalists, have you ever considered doing something besides nauseatingly fawning over the Obamas, like maybe your job? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 22, 2014
In response to “NICE TRY:” Depending on the year and where you are on earth, the winter solstice is on Dec. 20, 21, or 22. Christmas is on Dec. 25. Christmas and the winter solstice are never on the same day. Keep saying “Merry Solstice.” These days, people need a good laugh. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
How many days until spring again? My body is frozen. I hate winter. Why does it seem winter is so much longer than summer? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
A hearty thanks to Congressman Joe Courtney. He sent me a personal colorful flyer with the slogan: “To help every senior retire with dignity, I’m fighting every day to protect Medicare and Social Security.” What a guy, he’s always “fighting” for us. What Joe doesn’t tell you is, he voted for Obamacare. Eventually, Medicare will be folded into Obamacare and seniors will face death panels, which will say they are too old to save. Kiss Grandma and Grampa goodbye. Isn’t it nice to have Congressman Courtney “fighting” for you? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
Seems absurd and negligent to open schools at the regular time when wind chill is 0 to -15. Kids wait in the dark for the bus to arrive. When something bad occurs, it will be too late. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
My daughter is 18 and off to college. I still worry about her all the time and want to fix all her problems for her. How do other parents deal with letting their kids grow up? I am a wreck! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
The question for me is not where are my three more months of unemployment checks, but rather where are the jobs? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
Imagine there’s no Obamacare, it’s easy if you try, No websites crashing, above us only doctors. Imagine all the people taking care of themselves. Imagine no death panels; I wonder if you can, No one to tell you, you have to take the blue pill. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. One day I hope you will join us and repeal this really bad law. (Thanks to John Lennon’s “Imagine” for this inspiration.) (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
I wanted to respond to “CRY BABIES:” I can tell you are a liberal, not by your canned talking points and lack of factual support for your argument, but by the immature name-calling first thing after the word “I.” True, Republicans (I’m not one, by the way, I’m an Independent) do in fact complain about the way this administration has morally and financially bankrupted this once great nation, but to say they offer nothing shows your ignorance of the facts (there’s that pesky word again), and the arrogance of most Democrats and virtually all liberals/socialists/progressives/whatever you call yourselves these days. To call them “cry babies” is rich coming from the folks still blaming Bush or not taking responsibility for all their own “phony scandals” and screw-ups. You all claim to be “tolerant.” As far as the Tea Party being an insult to Boston, I challenge you to tell me how. By asking for a smaller, less intrusive government? By asking for fiscal accountability with my tax dollars? By asking for a return to civility and a moral compass? The Tea Party is the history of America. Please, do enlighten me with some facts, not the usual shilling. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
My new insurance co-pays are 50 to 75 percent more than before. Thank you, Barack! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 05, 2014
I want to thank the nice woman that offered to help me while I was in the produce department of my local grocery store. I walk with a crutch and you were nice enough to ask if I needed help. You would have used time out of your night if I needed it and that means a lot. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be many people like you anymore. I usually have to dodge being knocked into, never mind being offered help. I genuinely appreciated your kind offer, you are a wonderful lady! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 05, 2014
While it was extremely nice of President Obama to arbitrarily change his Obamacare law without going through Congress – yet again – before trotting off to Hawaii for another expensive, taxpayer-funded luxury vacation, it leaves me with some questions. If people who got their insurance cancelled are now exempt from the mandate due to hardship, then why isn’t everyone who cannot buy insurance right now exempt? Why are people who got their insurance cancelled allowed to buy catastrophic insurance, isn’t that the same crap insurance you just saved them from? Next year, when 80 to 100 million more insurance plans are cancelled, will all of those people become exempt too? And if so, well then, why not just repeal Obamacare since there won’t hardly be anyone left who isn’t exempt from it? It’s what everyone wants anyway. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 05, 2014
Under the NDAA law (National Defense Authorization Act), Americans can be indefinitely jailed without being charged with a crime or given a trial, like at Gitmo. You can be locked up and the key thrown away because someone in authority “suspects” you are a domestic terrorist. This could happen if martial law is invoked, as some people suspect will happen. Most of the senators never read the NDAA bill, and voted yes, on New Year’s Eve 2011, just to get out of town. Democratic Sen. Feinstein has just introduced an amendment to NDAA to eliminate that provision. Contact Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and request they vote to support Sen. Feinstein’s amendment to repeal NDAA provision of locking up people without trial. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 05, 2014
I have noticed lately that Christian opponents of gay marriage oppose gay marriage, but they do not oppose the right of gays to advocate it. Yet thuggish groups like GLAAD oppose the right of Christians to even voice their religious beliefs. Even if said Christian then goes on to say that he, as a Christian, is obliged to love all sinners and leave it to Almighty God to judge them. Gays are not obliged to love anyone who does not whole-heartedly embrace the gay community, but they are obliged to silence anyone who does not agree with them. Someone needs to tell the gay community that they are not the only ones who have a right to their own opinions and beliefs. Free speech applies to all speech, not just speech they like to hear. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 05, 2014
In response to “OFF THEIR ROCKER:” Okay! Well said. But does that mean that in the next election, you will remember your own statement or just go and vote the same morons back into office? Or, maybe not vote at all? What are you going to do? (reply)
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