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Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
In response to “NEED AN ANSWER:” President Obama’s Justice Department sues every state that tries to pass a voter ID law, and is now suing Florida for trying to purge its voter rolls of ineligible voters. This is not “old, debunked news.” It is fact! Obama is ignoring states where voter fraud is allowed to run rampant, like Pennsylvania, where more votes were cast than there are voters, and 100 percent of them were for Obama, both statistically impossible. In answer to your questions, Obama only goes after anyone who is trying to stop voter fraud. If it perpetuates voter fraud, he looks the other way and pretends it is not happening. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
The EPA was caught putting human beings at serious risk by conducting dangerous and potentially lethal experiments on them in order to push the Obama agenda, and they failed to make their human subjects aware of the risks involved. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
In response to “SO COOL!” How about if POTUS does his job? He rarely seems to make his security meetings, knocks off by 5 if not before, and never meets with his cabinet. He loves the campaign mode, but the work? He can’t seem to do it. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
In response to “REPEAL OBAMACARE:” What one should also realize is that there is a difference between health CARE and health INSURANCE. We have always cared for those that need it in this country. Now, many of those that have insurance will not be able to afford to use it and get care as the out of pockets have sky rocketed, nevermind the issue of finding doctors and facilities that will take their insurance. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
Did you know that the financial policy of this administration’s Fed has resulted in the upper 1 percent’s increase in wealth and the decrease in that of the middle class? More of the 1 percent is liberal and loving this printing of money. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
In response to “HEALTH CARE INSURANCE:” My husband’s Medicare supplement went up 2,560% with his out of pocket more than tripling. My insurance went up 20% but the out of pocket tripled, and at the company I work for we saw a 58.1% increase. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
In response to “THANKS AGAIN:” Agreed that climate change has always been around from the start of our planet, but isn’t it true that it has accelerated greatly due the increase in populations and the use of fossil fuels? (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
In response to “UNDERSTAND:” So, what you’re saying is, when Obama tells lies and I believe his lies, I’m the stupid one for not understanding. I should have understood that I was going to lose the plan I liked, lose my doctor, and have to pay a lot more than I can afford; because Obama told me the exact opposite. And the fact that I am going to vote Republican now, because of Obama’s many lies, makes all Republican voters stupid! No, I think I understand much better than you do. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 15, 2014
I feel if you owe the state in any way, like back child support, then the state should not allow you state benefits, like food stamps and cash assistance. What’s wrong with the picture here? (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
In response to “CHILL ON THE POTUS!” The president is more than “kind of cool.” He’s the coolest. He spends time on March Madness brackets. He has all kinds of celebrities give him private concerts and appearances at the White House. He and Michelle are regulars on TV shows. How much cooler could he be? (reply)

Driving Tip of the Week

Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
When two or more cars arrive at a four-way stop simultaneously, the rule is to yield to the person to the right. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
In response to “REPEAL OBAMACARE:” President Obama said that Obamacare may cost less than your cell phone bill. That is no guarantee that everyone can afford Obamacare and an expensive cell phone plan, and an expensive cable plan. You seem to not understand this difference, and that is driving you to vote Republican. What does this say about Republican voters? (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
In response to “MAKING IT WORSE:” If you actually cared about income disparity, you would realize how ridiculous your comment about overtime is. The disparity is between hourly workers and the top 1 percent of earners. The truly wealthy are executives who never, ever get overtime, self-employed people who never get overtime, and those who get their income from investments, who never get overtime. Clearly you are looking for something to complain about, regardless of the validity of your complaint. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
In response to “WHO WE WANT!” A local TV station in Florida found “huge amounts” of ineligible voters. Over two months, they found 94 voters in two counties who they thought were ineligible to vote because they had claimed they were not citizens on a jury duty form. The population in those counties is 942,000. That means one person in 10,000 was incorrectly registered. It is not clear how often those ineligible voters voted, if at all, or for which party they voted. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
In response to “BACKYARD:” Could you geniuses who can actually look beyond your own backyard please look into the past history of the globe and tell me when, during Earth’s 4.6 billion-year history, was there not any climate change occurring? Thanks. Now explain to us dum-dum backyard dwellers why today’s climate change is being caused by human beings, when there has always been climate change. Always. Even before there were human beings. Thanks again. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
Can anyone see any irony in the fact that Michelle Obama is claiming her, her mother’s, and her daughter’s trip to China is a business trip, and not a vacation, so that we taxpayers have to pay for it, when the “business” is traveling around China to speak out against censorship in China, but we just have to take her word for it because she banned, or shall I say “censored,” the press from covering her trip? I guess she’s against censorship in China, but all for censorship here in America, or something. (reply)


Posted on Apr. 01, 2014
In response to “MAKING IT WORSE:” The issue is that some companies were reclassifying hourly workers, who were previously getting paid overtime, as managers, thereby negating overtime pay. President Obama is proposing laws that would make it more difficult to reclassify non-supervisory hourly workers as management. For example, a stock person at a grocery store making $8 per hour for 40 hours ($320/week) gets “promoted” to manager making, you guessed it, $320 per week. He is now not eligible for paid overtime, but has to work overtime to keep his job. You see how all of this works; I apologize for presenting an argument using numbers. It is not as appealing to those who speak and act on emotion. (reply)

Healthcare Insurance

Posted on Mar. 27, 2014
I'm really not sure why people are bashing the Affordable Care Act. I just switched from my company's plan, and I'm paying $150 less per month...for the same exact coverage. Thanks for nothing, Republicans. (reply)


Posted on Mar. 24, 2014
At a recent Town Hall meeting, someone asked President Obama how he’s supposed to pay for his Obamacare insurance which is too expensive for him to afford. President Obama told him he needs to look at his cable bill and his cell phone bill and he needs to prioritize. That’s a far cry from his previous promise that Obamacare will cost less than your cell phone bill. Now we need to prioritize and choose which one to keep? Cell phone or health insurance? I suppose Obamacare is the correct choice? Well, I’m going to plug my nose and choose Republicans in the next election in the hopes that they’ll do what they’re promising to do – repeal Obamacare. (reply)


Posted on Mar. 24, 2014
Along with Obama’s push for a higher minimum wage, he is also proposing new overtime regulations, which would give overtime pay to people previously ineligible for overtime, like salaried workers. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought income inequality was the most important issue right now, and even more important than weapons of mass destruction, like global warming. Salaried workers typically make a lot more than hourly workers, and if they get overtime now, the income gap will be even bigger than it already was. This, combined with hourly workers losing hours because of Obamacare, is only making the income gap and income inequality bigger. Obama is making things worse! (reply)
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