Did you ever wonder where carrots are from? Or why they are orange?

It’s easy to dream of perfectly pristine outdoor spaces when looking at the decks in magazines and online, but too often what we want and what we have don’t align.

One of the most interesting aspects of the big car companies that sell in several different countries is how diverse their products really are, and unfortunately we rarely get to see some of their

I’m taking a slight detour for this column (our regular new car review shall resume next week), to talk about something that is an important part of new vehicle development and is highlighted

Winter, you are so outta here. The snowblower has been readied for a much-deserved rest in the shed, and it’s time to enjoy better weather and comfortable days ahead.

This past winter brought many headaches as snow accumulations went from bad to worse, making driving conditions difficult and creating ice dams on some roofs as snow melted.

One of the challenges faced by automotive designers is balancing room for lots of passengers and cargo with overall drivability.

Although pruning should be part of a regular maintenance program for just about all deciduous shrubs, often it is not until they are blocking a window, taking over a walkway, or overgrown stems are

The work of designers may often look glamorous, and parts of it no doubt is, but it’s also a very demanding discipline where the success of your work rides on many things that are not complet

With the snow mostly vanished from my property, I have had an opportunity to identify some of the havoc the cruel winter has imparted.

My well-worn Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines “sonata” as, “a musical composition for one or two instruments, normally for three or four movements.&rdq

Itching to get out into the garden whenever the sun starts to warm the air?

There are many road trips we need to take, and a sizable assortment of vehicles is on the market to handle these journeys.

Some of life's annoying problems can be fixed in just 10 minutes, if you plan and prepare.

One of the more interesting aspects of automotive development is what a manufacturer does to a vehicle in between major design overhauls.

These past few years have seen a resurgence of edible gardening and an increased interest in growing both vegetables and fruits.

If there’s one thing a company like Honda is known for, it’s giving the consumer a lot of value for their hard-earned dollars.

Over the years, I have done an unfathomable number of DIY projects, both large and small. Not all of them were perfect from “Day 1.” But I got better at it pretty quickly.

Snow. Lots of snow. An Arctic Vortex. Plows. Sand. Ice. Even some of our dogs are getting a bit tired of the winter of ’14, and I can’t really blame them.

Chilly winter days have me longing for warmth and greenery. Since a tropical vacation is not on my calendar, I turn my attention to tropical plants.

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