In the last few years, we’ve seen a changed approach to the architecture of long-established SUVs, especially when it comes to something as basic as the frame.

If you haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, late winter to early spring is actually a great time of year to have your soil tested.

Funny how an automotive icon like Jeep evolves over time, not just in terms of the signature vehicle, but in the offerings found in its range of vehicles.

How many times this winter have you heard the term "arctic" or "wind chill factor?" Since there is still a good bit of winter before us, we might just be hearing the term "

After over a century of most automobiles being driven solely by internal combustion engines, the introduction of gas-electric hybrids has been revolutionary, but still involves the same basic opera

January and February always seem like such long, dark months.

As the luxury side of Land Rover, the Range Rover name has long been revered, and these rugged all-terrain vehicles have won fans all over the world.

Until recently, I never thought much about the exposed concrete foundation on which my house is perched.

The Toyota Tundra has been with us since 2000, and marked the company’s entrance into the incredibly competitive (yet actually very narrow, in terms of the number of manufacturers involved) f

A new year of growth has begun, both in our lives and in our gardens.

When it comes to personal transportation, our practical requirements usually mean we end up acquiring a car that is more capacious and less performance-oriented than we would necessarily like, all

We all worry at some time about our own health and that of our family members. Part of thinking about our health also means thinking about how healthy our home environment is.

There was a time when the quest for an affordable, fuel-efficient sedan meant you had to sacrifice certain creature comforts.

Snow and ice can be lovely to look at but treacherous to travel across, either by foot or vehicle.

If you doubt for one second how competitive and segmented the SUV market has become, just take a look at this week’s auto: the Acura MDX.

We all seem to avoid those annoying little things in our homes that might only take 10 minutes to fix. Perhaps some of these 10-minute fixes will help you shorten your list of things to repair.

In order to keep more “jolly” in the holidays, people at the Glastonbury Senior Center heard some advice about how to turn stress around and make it work for you, instead of against you

The technology revolution that has been propelling all things that can benefit from the use of a microchip has often been expressed quietly in the automobile universe.

Decorations made from evergreens go hand in hand with the holidays. How many remember Christmases past whenever they encounter the fragrance of fresh-cut balsam fir branches?

This week’s review vehicle is one of the lasting American icons that is known and loved world-wide, and when you mention the Chevy Corvette, it seems just about everybody has their favorite y

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