Those of us who work hard to coax our backyard gardens to produce that perfectly red and flavorful tomato (sometimes even when facing a summer that includes blight and floods) are often rewarded wi

On a seasonal basis in this column, I have suggested a list of tasks that might need attention around your home.

There’s a great thing about having a well-known name when you’re a particular model of car: people are familiar with the nameplate, and know generally what to expect when they see a new

Up in these parts (I do love that rustic, farm-friendly phrase), there is a huge competition between all the manufacturers to provide the ideal vehicle for the New England lifestyle.

August is harvest time in the garden. Zucchini, cucumbers, summer squash, beans and tomatoes are quickly approaching peak ripeness.

There’s a challenge when you build a car with incredibly hot styling: how do you insure it goes as good as it looks?

With all the recent talk of global warming and carbon footprints, the nation's consciousness has been raised about the need to treat the environment more kindly.

The term “Limited Edition” has become somewhat rare in automotive manufacturing circles, so when a company announces a special version of a popular model, you know it’s going to b

The extended dry periods most of us are experiencing this summer have gardeners rethinking the components of our annual and perennial beds.

With the hot weather at full throttle, it may take running your air conditioning at the same speed to keep you from overheating. But few things can bulk up your electric bill like running A/C.

Toyota has done a lot of creative engineering to ultimately make themselves one of the most innovative auto manufacturers in the world.

When selecting plants for flowerbeds, color is an important criterion. Some gardeners like it hot and dress their beds and borders in fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and shades of gold.

This time of year it’s certainly not unusual to pack up your whole crew and escape for a much-needed vacation.

Many who venture into the world of do-it-yourself limit themselves to minor projects that have little risk. Some will tackle things such as painting, wallpaper and staining without apprehension.

When you consider that Jeep started out during wartime with basically one simple, durable runabout, it’s amazing how the Jeep name now defines such a genuinely diversified line of vehicles.

Hot, muggy summer days put most of us into slower gear. Much of the hardest work has been completed by now, or put on hold until the return of cooler weather.

This year seems to be a good year for ants in my neighborhood.

Rolling along on a semi-hot summer’s day here in Connecticut, I’m taken by the fact that the Lincoln vehicle I’m driving is so vastly different compared with the Lincolns I grew u

It’s a trend that has been of great benefit to consumers, and a boon to sales for all the manufacturers: making the so-called economy car class much more “upscale” in terms of equ

When most people think of their grandparents, images of fruits and vegetables aren’t often conjured up.

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