The key to growing a successful vegetable garden, as with many of life’s ventures, is planning.

This certainly has been a strange 2012 so far, at least in terms of weather.

You would be a rare person indeed if you have never accidentally scratched - or worse yet, chipped - the enamel or porcelain surface of an appliance, sink or tub.

It seems like only yesterday (but I believe it was actually last week) when I mentioned the interesting world of automobile names, and gave you the pedigree of one in particular – the Toyota

There are many advantages to starting your own seeds indoors.

Car names usually seem to fit the machine pretty well, but aren’t so inspiring that folks would name their kids after them.

We've gotten through December and January, leaving only two more months of winter to struggle through. Is your home a safe haven from howling winds and bone-chilling temperatures?

GM’s storied success over recent years has not always included subcompact cars, in contrast to the sales triumphs we’ve seen with their larger offerings (like full-size pickups and SUVs

There are many beautiful houseplants, but most are not noted for their scent. One group of plants that are both attractive and delightfully fragrant is the scented geraniums.

Hybrid automobiles – those innovative machines that combine a gasoline engine and a battery-powered electric motor to improve fuel economy and lower emissions – are not only becoming co

You've decided to change the look of a room, including a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

One quite common houseplant pest that I just noticed on those lovely variegated ivies I am overwintering is the spider mite.

How many of us DIYers are willing to tackle almost anything when it comes to building, repairing, decorating and the like, but recoil from the specter of a non-functioning appliance?

Changing trends in the automotive world are often indicators of the changing nature of American lifestyles.

This week’s review auto is hauling a few surprises, starting with a very interesting sales statistic.

Now that the growing season is over, do you still find yourself ready to dash out to the garden for some chives, basil or a sprig of thyme, only to lament their loss to the cold weather?

Car companies are international entities, and the changing nature of ownership – along with different safety, environmental and other regulations – can all be influential as to whether

Where do you spend the most time in your home?

With all the stress the domestic auto companies have endured the last few years, they’ve managed to not only survive the storm and improve their financial situations, but they have also been

Looking for a last-minute gift for the gardener on your list? Actually, I find fellow gardeners pretty easy to buy for. There’s always something they can use.

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