The technology revolution that has been propelling all things that can benefit from the use of a microchip has often been expressed quietly in the automobile universe.

Decorations made from evergreens go hand in hand with the holidays. How many remember Christmases past whenever they encounter the fragrance of fresh-cut balsam fir branches?

This week’s review vehicle is one of the lasting American icons that is known and loved world-wide, and when you mention the Chevy Corvette, it seems just about everybody has their favorite y

Somewhere along the line at our house, we started a tradition of selecting and cutting down a fresh Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving.

A lot of technology pundits have been eagerly prognosticating about the future of self-driving cars, and while I personally think we’re a long way from wide adoption of such vehicles, I can c

At last count, about 40 percent of U.S. households set out seed and suet for the birds.

What would you do if you had a water emergency in your home? What if your house had an electrical incident, or was the only one on the block with an electricity outage?

You used to be able to define a luxury automobile just by how many creature comforts it was armed with, and often lavish upholstery and a generous supply of features would overshadow the car’

It’s not a compact; and if you look just at the exterior dimensions, it’s not a midsize.

This really has been a long, delightful fall. I did see a few snow flurries a few days ago, and inevitably winter will settle it.

There’s something to be said for traditional, tried and true technology, especially if the most critical qualities you need in a vehicle are ruggedness and durability.

In case all your electronic devices are broken and you have not yet been blitzed by advertising for the Christmas holiday, much less Thanksgiving, you are running out of time already.

One of the best features a vehicle in the northeast can have is all-wheel drive, as it can make getting to where you need to be in the dead of winter much easier.

One of the joys of autumn is biting into a sweet, succulent, locally-grown pear.

It has been pretty good year for tomatoes, but the season is rapidly coming to an end with the sudden change to cooler temperatures.

Once I knew a man who had a heart of gold, but who could not resist shopping, not so much for himself, but for others - and always for the deals.

There has been a very European thing happening to what in days of not-so-old was a class of American automobiles that were as essential to family life as the dog and the grocery store: the station

If you’ve been following the auto industry the last few years, you’ve seen a lot of fresh faces in categories that used to be dominated by just a few manufacturers.

Because I have chosen not to cover the gutters on my house, I have to put a ladder up against it twice each year, and perform a ritual of inspection and maintenance.

If you have ever given any thought to composting, now is a great time to try your hand at it. Most of us have an abundance of leaves to dispose of at this time of year.

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