Warm weather is here and it’s time to get the garden going.

Do you have black streaks appearing on your roof? Can you see green moss and algae growing there also? If so, your roof is under attack and you must take action!

Of all the classes of automobiles out there, none have grown faster (and in scope) the way the SUV has.

With sustainability, carbon footprints and renewable resources touching almost everyone’s thoughts and activities these days, the U.S.

It can be really hard to change the image of a company that has been perceived a certain way for years.

Americans are all too familiar with the headaches caused by daily life, but nearly 30 million Americans experience more than “just a bad headache.” Migraines are different from the e

If you have retired from the military and are transitioning to a civilian career, it’s time to take an inventory of your transferable skills – the skills that will place you light ye

Working shifts outside a traditional schedule can impact your body’s sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm, leaving you sleepy during waking hours and unable to sleep when you need to.

I’m starting out this week’s auto review with a very unpleasant subject that is not much fun to talk about: gas prices. I know, yikes.

That warm weather is a nice change. Everyone is thinking of all the great fun they can have in the bright sun and longer days.

Everyone reaches for comfort foods and junk food when stressed out.

The average American will hold 11 jobs between the ages of 18 and 42, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010).

Most people think of bacteria as something that just makes you ill. Bacteria can be responsible for various illnesses and everyday annoyances. But not all bacteria are bad for you.

Often, a new landscape project around the home requires the purchase of topsoil – or so one is lead to believe.

How do you become popular? Well, it helps if you are a hard worker, reliable, easy to live with and have a generous amount of charm.

Hearing loss affects more than 34 million Americans. If detected early, it may be a preventable chronic disease. Here are 10 ways to help prevent, delay or reduce the extent of hearing loss.

It’s no secret: Americans love coffee.

This week’s review auto is unusual, because you can’t go out and buy one just yet.

Many roofs in our area took a beating this winter from the heavy snowfalls that came too close together, followed by the subsequent freeze and thawing cycles.

Department of Labor Commissioner Glenn Marshall noted recently that 1,000 residents currently using employment services offered at the state’s CTWorks Career Centers will have the opportun

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