Fall is the only season of the year that has holidays in three consecutive months. Labor Day opens the season in September, and Thanksgiving wraps it up in November.

It’s raspberry season - again!

It’s one thing to launch an all-new automobile into the uncertainties of the marketplace; it’s quite another to do so in a category that you’re not normally associated with.

This time of year if I work on a to-do list, it better be short. And, of course, it doesn't mean I will get to everything.

Anyone who has purchased fertilizer knows that each package comes with a guaranteed analysis or grade consisting of three numbers such as 5-10-5.

There are many vehicles out there that try to be all things to as many potential owners as possible, and when you consider the substantial investment one must make in a family car, it makes sense t

Most lawns are over-fertilized.

As you may have observed with Mazda’s “Zoom-Zoom” ad campaign, the company likes to explain its products in fun, evocative terms.

Though there are four distinct seasons in our part of the world, autumn alone is that time of year which really proclaims itself as the season of change.

Backyard vegetable gardening not only gives us plenty of fresh produce for tasty eating during the growing season, but often enough to squirrel away for the cold, wintry days ahead.

If you may recall, we tested a 2013 GM pickup recently in preparation for the new machine that we tested this week: the extensively redesigned 2014 GMC Sierra.

One of my older brothers used to try to sneak into our house after staying out too late.

The fall apple harvest is enjoyed by many New Englanders. Who can resist the aromatic scent of ripening apples, hand-picked on a crisp autumn day?

Ideas for writing this column come to me in spurts. Sometimes I choose from a “working list.” At other times an idea comes to me just in time.

It was on these pages not so long ago that I introduced you to Ford’s new family of dedicated gas/electric hybrid vehicles that go by the name of C-Max.

They say that what is old is new again, and canning food at home food is certainly experiencing a resurgence.

The LS was the first model launched when Toyota created its Lexus division in 1989, and it has undergone four major generational changes since its inception.

When my wife kept our oval cherry coffee table in hiding after the holidays last year, I decided it was finally time to treat it to a facelift. I really like this piece of furniture.

Pear trellis rust is a relatively new disease of pears and junipers in Connecticut. The fungus that causes pear trellis rust is Gymnosporangium sabinae.

One of the more interesting aspects of the car world is when you experience a vehicle when it was initially launched into the market, and later drive an all-new version to see how the machine has c

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