It has been quite a while since I moved my 20-cubic-foot Amana refrigerator into its spot in the kitchen, and all that while, I have been making ice the old-fashioned way.

At the top of a Nissan Altima press release, we have the following: “Challenging the Theory of Mid-Size Sedan Evolution with Innovative Technology.” In promoting the top-to-bottom revis

Wondering what to do with all the wonderfully aromatic herbs in your garden? There’s still plenty of time to harvest them.

There are all kinds of parts to an automobile, and whenever an automaker makes major changes to a popular model, there’s an enormous number of things that can be altered, added or deleted ent

A while back, I explained how it is possible to get a lot of things done with 10-minute fixes.

As hard as manufacturers of cars have worked at taking traditional styling (found in Mustangs, Camaros, etc.) and mixing it with new technologies, nobody has incorporated the latest advancements in

On these hot summer days, the shade of a nearby tree seems most inviting. I - like many gardeners, I suspect - tend to gravitate toward the shadier parts of the yard to work as much as I can.

When you consider the renaissance of the muscle car, you make a few assumptions.

Late summer and early fall is the prime season for hurricanes in the North Atlantic.

Every once in a while, it’s instructive to take a look at the latest technology displayed in very upscale sedans.

As early summer temperatures have really been up there the last few weeks, we aren’t the only ones to wilt from the heat.

Moss on walkways and lawns is attractive to some, and a nuisance to others.

Standing out from the crowd can be a tricky business. Sometime your uniqueness can be rewarded, other times it can be disastrous when the market rejects your novel approach.

Since its inception in the 1960s, the Toyota Corolla has now sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million units worldwide and has been indispensable in terms of affordable transportation for mi

With the growing season underway, most people are delighted as the grass greens up, spring shrubs and trees burst into bloom, and perennials start to poke their heads out of the ground.

We all know the term “take a back seat,” referring to the second-class status of whatever you happen to be talking about.

One summertime holiday is past us now, and another will be upon us shortly. Hopefully you have been experiencing a safe and fun-filled summer so far.

Anyone who grows plants of any kind, whether it’s houseplants, trees, perennials, herbs or vegetables and fruits, probably has a little bit of familiarity with aphids.

With all that has gone on with the automobile industry in the context of tough economic times, it’s important to remember that while things seemed quiet as the economy sputtered along, design

Summer is finally here, and the rain will be replaced by sunshine. If you are like me, there is plenty to do around your home, but remember that this is prime recreation season.

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