One type of automobile I’ve always been quite partial to is the affordable, rear-drive sports coupe.

The unofficial opening day of summer - Memorial Day - is behind us. We have had some warm weather, some warmer weather, and lots of rain. But you know the real heat is coming.

Adjusting your lawn mower’s mowing height is an important practice to help prepare lawns for the hotter weather that is coming.

When it comes to all the media we digest, advertising is a difficult thing to categorize.

This time of year people are trying to get outside, go away, or just stay home and relax.

With the gardening season in full swing, there is no lack of chores to be done. A little extra effort now will be appreciated later on when you’d rather be relaxing in the hammock.

It’s easy to call a lot of new cars futuristic, because the inclusion of new features and advanced safety technology has been inundating the marketplace at a stunning pace.

Summertime is fun time, or so it should be. To keep it that way, we should think about being safe and keeping our families safe during summertime activities.

The better part of these mostly pleasant spring weekends was spent cleaning up perennial gardens and preparing some of the vegetable beds for planting.

It’s a rare moment when one of the most popular vehicles on the road undergoes an extensive renovation, and in this case it’s Chevrolet’s Silverado 1500 full-size pickup.

Having trouble getting the little things done? Can't find a place to start? Start with those really annoying things or the problems that have been around forever.

What tastes better than a warm, sun-ripened tomato plucked off the vine and popped into your mouth?

Years ago there was a brief battle for family transport supremacy between the reigning champ (minivans) and the new, athletic upstart (the SUV), and to the surprise of many who monitor such things,

The useful days of my 27-foot above-ground pool are long over, and I want to modify the area for some different recreational purpose.

Many people have memories of stink bugs from when they were kids, impressing their friends with the information that these amazing bugs could produce a horrible smell if squashed or threatened.

If there’s one real fault with sport coupes, it has to be a lack of versatility.

Now that we are getting more bright, sunny days, take a good look at your roof. Don’t just look at one side. Check it out from all four points of the compass.

While annuals, perennials and shrubs certainly have their place in the home landscape, few sights are as dazzling as a mature tree covered with blossoms.

It’s not every week we get to tell you about a completely new automobile, much less one that is also in an entirely new category (in this case, the luxury compact SUV).

A light bulb is the universal symbol for a bright idea. So what do you call it when an entire industry rushes to market with perplexing variants of that universal symbol?

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