Sitting here savoring the last of a delicious batch of potato leek soup, I am thinking that it is about time to start some seeds for this year’s crop of leeks.

One of the pleasant automotive surprises over the last few years has been the return of the two-door coupe, or rather, the coupe version of popular four-door sedans.

You can bet we will get more snow, and your heating bills will still hover near the outrageous mark. However, you should be starting to emerge from the winter doldrums.

For those who aren’t regularly involved with the mechanical working partner known as the full-size pickup, it might surprise you to learn that while cars have been on the fast track in the im

Will your plants survive the long, cold winter? Whether they do or not depends on their hardiness. Snow, like any other mulch, reduces fluctuations in soil temperature and keeps soil moisture in.

There are few car manufactures that have grown as fast as Kia has the last few years, and people have discovered that not only are Kias an affordable alternative to many other makes out there, they

Appliances are expensive to buy and to repair. Don't reach for the phone every time yours are not working properly.

One of the reasons there are so many different types of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles for sale is because people’s tastes can vary so much from individual to individual.

Valentine’s Day finds many of us givers and receivers of beautiful floral bouquets and arrangements.

Who would have thought that one of the regular chores we would learn to include into our daily routine would be plugging in the car?

As 2011 was coming to a close, I suggested homeowners take a last look at doing some energy-saving improvements that could provide some relief when they filed their federal income taxes.

For a number of years, a lot of automotive enthusiasts basically implied the station wagon was dead and would forever be just a memory as minivans and SUVs took over the duties formerly assigned to

You may think having golf-course green grass requires hours of work each day, but if you want the best lawn on the block, it's as easy as coming up with a plan. The secret?

An interesting thing is happening to the midsized family sedan class: they are adding performance to their list of attributes, making these practical cars more fun to drive.

I began “fixing” things at a pretty young age.

Last week I talked about a very well-known SUV (the Jeep Wrangler) that has, in many ways, kept its original persona over time to stay a rugged workhorse while so many SUVs have evolved to have mor

Still searching for a New Year’s resolution that will not be difficult to keep? Take a good look at your houseplant collection and upgrade your plants’ existing conditions.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this column, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’m always harping on about how manufacturers love to create completely new versions of older models,

New Year's Day is usually the time when many people make their resolutions for the coming year.

When it comes to mid-sized sedans, Ford has undergone an interesting name change in recent years.

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