Plants are beautiful and popular as holiday gifts and decorations. Chances are one or more plants have joined your household recently, and you might be wondering how best to care for them.

We got so used to going up and down the stairs of our house without using a handrail that, after a while, we didn't realize that it was missing.

One of the benefits of how far automotive engineering has come in recent years is the fact that we have to endure fewer compromises than ever before.

A few weeks back, we took a look at Cadillac’s all-new XTS sedan, and I talked about how this roomy, technologically-advanced car did a great job of balancing traditional Cadillac virtues wit

Poinsettias are truly a living symbol of this holiday season, with 65 million plants gracing the festive scene last year.

In the midst of building all kinds of vehicles that fall easily into specific categories, manufacturers occasionally break the mold and create something that defies normal convention.

Some people just really like to shop, so the Christmas season doesn't present an unusual challenge for them. That's just not me.

These days there are not a whole lot of components of a new automobile that you can’t hand-pick to suit your lifestyle, while years ago most of your choices were primarily cosmetic in nature.

While artificial trees remain popular with many people for many reasons, I take heart that 13 million American households (2009 USDA Census of Horticultural Specialties) will choose to celebrate th

GM’s Chevrolet motor division has had a long history of success with a broad variety of vehicles, but like any other manufacturer, they’ve had their share of misses as well.

The holiday season is upon us, the temperatures continue to drop, heating systems and wood stoves are once again a part of our lives, and this will be our daily existence as we patiently wait out t

One of the most important questions folks contemplating purchasing a new car must face is what size will work best for them.

Although I still have a few calendulas, Johnny jump-ups and mums blooming in the garden, for the most part, the growing season is over, and if I want flowers, they need to be indoor ones.

The name Dart was a very successful nameplate for Dodge and Chrysler, and yet it disappeared from the automotive marketplace back in 1976.

There are so many things you can do to a room to beautify it and give it a new look. Painting and wallpapering are the most common, along with new window treatments.

GM’s luxury (or more accurately these days, luxury-sport) division Cadillac has been on quite a roll lately, and it has just released some very interesting all-new 2013 models, including this

As we enter into the month of November, we are all aware that winter weather will shortly be coming our way.

Not awfully long ago, if someone said the word “thermostat,” your mind's eye would envision a round device on a wall with a small moveable dial in the center.

With all the gadgetry and influx of new technologies that is infiltrating cars at an amazing rate, there’s still something to be said for simplicity, especially for vehicles we need to be rug

Garlic is a staple in the home kitchen.

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