If you are beginning to conceptualize changes to your kitchen that will update it, redecorate it, and hopefully make it more user-friendly as well, you will want to find better ways to organize thi

The colored leaves gently fall to the ground, signaling the end of another growing season - and your last chance to get spring flowering bulbs into the ground.

In which of the rooms of your home do you spend a lot of time? The bedroom? Certainly. We sleep away about a third of our lives (or more, if you include your teenage years).

Kia is not only a manufacturer that is expanding into the U.S.

Can a homeowner really save money on energy costs?

In the spring of 2011, I attended a Lexus function associated with the New York International Auto Show, where the LF-Gh Hybrid Concept was displayed to a variety of press and industry representati

Along with pumpkins, apples and falling leaves, the arrival of the autumn season is heralded by the blaze of chrysanthemums.

Last week we showcased a very exclusive vehicle where nothing takes a back seat to all-out performance.

We are indeed fortunate living in New England, which is among the few parts of the country where one can experience the marvelous colors of autumn.

Gathering up a yard full of leaves in the fall is one of the most tedious jobs I know.

Every once in a while, it’s instructive to take a spin in an exotic car that most of us will never likely own, for it can let us experience the latest in state-of-the-art performance and tech

With fuel economy standards becoming more stringent and therefore requiring much greater efficiency in upcoming years (54.5 MPG overall by 2025), manufacturers are using all kinds of strategies to

The topics in this column repeatedly focus on renovating, building, repairing and replacing things in your home, every one of which generates some amount of refuse, rubble, junk, scraps - call it w

One problem encountered with many perennials is their relatively short period of bloom.

There are times when automobile manufacturers like to combine contrasting design ideas and challenges, and build a car that does some pretty unexpected things.

If you read this column regularly, you know by now that I am a little obsessed with developing and attending to home maintenance lists on a periodic basis.

Those of us who work hard to coax our backyard gardens to produce that perfectly red and flavorful tomato (sometimes even when facing a summer that includes blight and floods) are often rewarded wi

On a seasonal basis in this column, I have suggested a list of tasks that might need attention around your home.

There’s a great thing about having a well-known name when you’re a particular model of car: people are familiar with the nameplate, and know generally what to expect when they see a new

Up in these parts (I do love that rustic, farm-friendly phrase), there is a huge competition between all the manufacturers to provide the ideal vehicle for the New England lifestyle.

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