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Posted on Jan. 29, 2014
In response to “JUST PLAIN MEAN:” The young man’s college education at a local college caused the taxpayers a great deal of money! He didn’t work at all during all that time. The job he got did not require a college education, and is part time, and he isn’t looking for anything else. He is very content with working part time, so he is able to collect state assistance. It’s not mean, it is just plain facts! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
Kids in school nowadays are complaining about anything. They get a little bit of homework and abandon it. A teacher calls on them and they go blank. I mean, your future isn’t planned out. They need to start trying in school and cut down on Facebook time. It looks shameful whenever I see it happen. Teachers aren’t there for nothing, you know. You need to learn! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
I was in the mall today and noticed something. Ladies... all I could see was straight, stringy hair, skinny jeans, North Face jackets, and Uggs! How did it come to this? There were copies of girls walking around texting and talking to each other. We seriously need to branch off and find our own styles, or maybe one day let our hair go natural. Trade in the boots for some cute flats and get a jacket with a design on it! Enough already with the cloning! Be different! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
I am so fed up with my school. For at least a month now, there has been no soap (or dispensers) in the girls’ bathroom. It is flu season, and I would like to wash my hands with soap to prevent the spread of germs. I’m not asking for much – just soap! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
Excuse me if the Obamas want the obesity rate in America’s children to lower. How bad of them to want better for the upcoming citizens of America! Of course, some L.A. students are refusing these tasteless lunches, coming from a state that allows “SNAP” benefits at some fast food restaurants. Whoever has a problem with it should provide their own lunch instead of them throwing away taxpayers’ dollars. Let’s remember school is an institution for learning, not eating. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
Why are we being told that the dress code is being enforced when I see girls wearing 8-inch heels with tight black dresses to school? I see boys wearing baggy pants and sometimes even a hat. But yet, the school says they are enforcing the dress code. How is this possible? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
How do I get my parents to take me on February vacation? I really want to go somewhere warm. My friends are going on cruises, etc., and we aren’t going anywhere. How can I convince my parents that I need a break, too? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
Why do my parents always feel the need to keep me in a box? I’m not even allowed to go to public school because my parents are afraid I’m going to get into trouble. I’ve been home-schooled my entire life. I have no friends, so it makes me depressed. My parents tell me I can have a real life when I’m older. Is that right? I’m so sick of being contained. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
So I’ll tell you why Disney showcases rich kids in their shows – because ordinary life is B-O-R-I-N-G! Maybe there should be a show called “The Hoodie Kids.” Here is the storyline: they sit on the wall, waste time, hock loogies, swear every few seconds, then do a few bike tricks in the middle of Main Street traffic. Eventually they’ll get shooed away. The story line could be about how they need to get jobs, but that would cut into their “hanging out” time too much. The costumes could be all hoodies, white undershirts and backwards ball caps... I’m hooked already! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 26, 2014
My parents wont let me go to concerts. I don’t understand why. They are usually at a big venue and lots of other kids are there, some even with their parents. My parents won’t allow me to go and they won’t go with me either. Why do my parents act like this, and what can I do? I want to go so bad! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
I have a friend who two days ago got her phone taken away. She was out of town and could not say happy birthday to her friend, so she sent a quick message through Facebook because she couldn’t get on her friend’s wall. Her brother’s birthday was also that day but writing happy birthday to him didn’t occur to her. I have three siblings and I never once thought of writing on their walls. Neither of her parents have Facebook, so the only way they could have found out was if he told them. Honestly, can people not sleep at night because someone doesn’t say happy birthday to them on Facebook? I love social networking, don’t get me wrong, but who cares if someone doesn’t write on your wall? They can actually say it to you in person, or if you desperately need it on your wall… give me a sharpie. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
GO ELECTRIC The solution to the gas price problem is buying an electric car. The solution is right in front of you, yet no one sees it. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
PUT A COAT ON! Why do my friends insist on not wearing a coat? They wear sweatshirts and it’s freezing. I wear a coat, hat and gloves and my friends are freezing but think they are stylish. What are they thinking? (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
MONEY Why does it cost money to play sports? We have to pay hundreds of dollars per sport per season. My parents cannot afford that. They said they never had to do that growing up, and they think it’s unfair now. They pay taxes for a reason. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
ONE IN A MILLION My boyfriend of three years says I am one in a million. While other girls in my school get their fake nails done and hair dyed and skin fake-tanned, he says it’s sad that girls think boys like this. I am just a normal girl not trying to be something I’m not. I could care less what others do. I was impressed when I overheard all his friends saying they wished more girls were like me. I think it’s sad that the girls in my school aren’t themselves and happy with who they are. Of course, no one can be you, so why are you trying to be someone else? The boys don’t even like fake nails, ask them! They can’t stand them. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
TIRED AND HUNGRY Am I the only one that is so annoyed about waking up at 6 in the morning? I understand that we need education, but we can’t concentrate when we are super tired and hungry! No time for food in the morning either! It makes me so mad. I can’t wait until senior year! (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
GET PAST IT! Quite frankly, I’m sick of all of the negative morale and the pointless rumors that have come from recent events at my school. These are actions collectively from individuals who never cared about their grades, never cared about anybody but themselves, and were just looking for attention. Parents, if you want your child to have a good experience in high school, tell them to get involved with school events, spread some positive energy, and most importantly, leave the actions of delinquents alone. The only way we can stop the undermining of the good people here is if we start coming together as a community and moving past all this. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 23, 2014
TURN OFF THE COMPUTER People these days really need to mind their business and focus on more important things at stake. How do you expect to succeed in life with talking about other people on Facebook and Twitter? And if an argument is between two people, don’t involve their families into it too. Do you know everything about the person? Do you know their whole lives? What they have been through? You should turn off the computer and start worrying about your life. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
Why are there no cops patrolling downtown at night? It’s a ghost town and there really should be a police presence. (reply)


Posted on Jan. 16, 2014
I have a friend who makes bad choices – choices that I have real issue with. Nothing real serious, but choices nonetheless. How can I get her to realize that we are who we are by the choices we make? I am afraid that her bad choices now will set her up for trouble later in life. (reply)
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